Friday, 18 March 2022

March 2022 - Counterfeit Kit Challenge - Challenge #2 What Makes You Happy

 Welcome back for the Counterfeit Kit Challenge's 2nd inspiration challenge of the month and it's all about what makes us happy.

MF Tara was inspired by the "happy" paper in the original kit - the March 2020 "Weekender" kit by Citrus Twist - (find out more about that in my reveal post on 1st March here).

Now I know that you won't be surprised at the subject of my happy page - our sweet puppy Mabel. 

When I saw this photo of her with that glorious morning sun I knew how I wanted the page to look and was happy to see that I had plenty of softer shades in my kit that would work well for my sunburst design.

I stitched the sunburst elements as well as a sprinkle of paper dots and then tucked in flowers to the edges and under the photos to soften up some of the edges.

I decided to write my journalling in a dark grey so that it would appear a little softer. I was also a little cryptic in the writing as that day was a very sad anniversary but who can be sad on a day like that. Others might not even notice the reference and certainly the date doesn't mean anything to anyone else, but it's there for me. Slightly hidden and yet there in the open. I like that 😉

I finished off by adding a couple of small stamps and some tiny enamel hearts as well as the smaller title tucked into the corner.

I come back to this starburst design over and over - or at least a variotion of it - and each time, the page looks and feels totally different! 

What design does that for you? 

 Don't forget to share your kits and creations over in the Counterfeit Kit Challenge FB community here or over on IG  - @counterfeitkitchallenge / #counterfeitkitchallenge and #ckcmarch2022

And just in case you missed it on my other social media channels, I hope you'll take a listen to my guest appearance over on the Scrapbook Your Way podcast hosted by Simple Scrapper's Jennifer Wilson where I talk all things kits and Counterfeit Kit Challenge! It was an honour to be asked to talk about my passion of "counterfeiting" and I hope you find something to inspire you.

Tuesday, 1 March 2022

March 2020 - Counterfeit Kit Challenge March hop and kit reveal

Welcome to March and here we are again with the next month of the Counterfeit Kit Challenge. I say this every month, but it's a good one this time!

 Hopefully you've reached me via Leslie's blog and next up is Tara. Please don't forget to say hi to our awesome Guest Designer, Anna too. With a kit as pretty as this month's you won't want to miss out on any of the inspiration the team has to offer!

MF Tara has selected the March 2020 "Weekender" kit by Citrus Twist for us full of pinks, blues and fresh yellows - what a breath of fresh air it is!

I concentrated on those three colours for my "Sherbet" kit although the tones have come out a little differently! (I don't know why my photos so bad this month - I might try to improve them!) 

I started off by selected some Paige Evans papers in pinks, yellows, blues, floral and hearts as well as a sheet of tickets which I will no doubt cut up and use as they are. There are some greens and oranges in there but really not so much which I thought was a good start. I also included the acetate sheet from the Bungalow Lane collection - florals and mostly the three main colours.

I then added in some pink heart paper, a couple of blue mini designs as well as a yellow dot, a geometric pink and a soft pastel stripe - you can only see the blue here but there are also pinks and yellows included 

I wanted to make sure that I kept to those three basic colours of blue yellow and pink in the embellishments too, but of courses including full packs of items means that other colours have crept in. If  I think if you look closely, you can see that I've got many of the shades and types embellishments from the original kit - labels, hearts, page markers, gold alphabet (two different). 

There's a good mix of items from many different designers and manufacturers which means I will get a selection of pages which all look different - I love it when that happens!

I couldn't resist these clip tassels and the full pack of Paige Evans embellishments as well as the florals from Pinkfresh Studio.

It's quite a bit kit for me but after my success with LOAD222 last month, I have hopes too continue my motivation and make some pages just because!

Here's the full hop list in case you need it and don't forget to share your kits and creations over in the Counterfeit Kit Challenge FB community here or over on IG  - @counterfeitkitchallenge / #counterfeitkitchallenge and #ckcmarch2022

Saturday, 12 February 2022

February 2022 - Counterfeit Kit Challenge - Challenge#1 Love Stories

 Hey! I'm back with a layout for Challenge #1 over at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge where MF Misty is asking us to tell our 💕 love stories 💕

I'm also participating in ScrapHappy's LOAD222 (layout a day) which I adore and, as I did in February 2021, I'm making my month 28 Days of Mabel. This was my chance to fulfil two challenge at once!

Picking out some softer elements from my kit, I came up with a layout featuring our Christmas 2021 photo with Mabel and talk about how we both love her so much. She really might be the best decision we EVER made - well, after getting married maybe! 😉

I started off printing my photo at 5x7 because I really wanted to focus on this super cute photo of the three of us (internet shy husband I'm afraid!) 

Then I cut the strips and decided to go for probably my most-used design of the broad, layered stripe along the bottom half of the page.

I tucked in two pocket page cards and a few small embellishments - mostly from Heidi Swapp - and then picked out my title. I did add in the smaller alphabet (Pinkfresh Studio) but everything else comes from my kit!

My journalling is hand-written even though I've been doing a lot of printed strip journalling recently. But the story was short and I tried to concentrate to get it right!

A sprinkle of ink and some small enamel sparkles as well as some smaller elements from the pack of Thickers, and the layout is done. This was fast and easy and came together really easily. Reaching for a happy design is my go-to when I need to get something make quickly 😉

I'm keeping this short this evening and hope to be able to share more puppy love later in the month!

Don't forget that the month is still young and there is plenty going on over at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog as well as the FB community. 

Here is what the remained of the month looks like.

  • 18th February: Challenge #2 to inspire you to get more layouts done.
  • 24th February: Followers Showcase - who has caught our eye this month
  • 28th February: Killing Kits - an idea or two focusing up the bits and pieces left in your own kit.

You know that we always love to see your work, so please share your kits and projects with us. You can post them in our Facebook Community or share them on Instagram (we are @counterfeitkitchallenge or tag us using #counterfeitkitchallenge and #ckcfebruary2022).

Thanks so much for stopping by! We can't wait to see your kits and projects this month!

Tuesday, 1 February 2022

February 2022 - Counterfeit Kit Challenge kit and reveal

 It's been a while. I know I say that a lot but I feel it's important to let you know that I know! I am trying to do better and as always at the beginning of the year, I have plans... wish me luck.

But I think you're not here to hear my platitudes and (seemingly empty) promises 😉. I hope you are here for the new Counterfeit Kit Challenge kit and to see my interpretation of it. So let's get going.

Hopefully, you've reached me from Leslie and next up is Tara. This is such a fabulous kit that you know you're not going to want to miss a single stop on the hop so that you catch all the inspiration so make sure you say hi as you go along. And of course, say a special hello to our wonderful Guest Designer Gretl Dixon - who we are delighted to have with us in February.

Onto the inspiration.

Design Team member Misty is in charge of us all this month with her simply gorgeous selection of the February 2021 Cocoa Daisy kit Demin and Blush - and I have to say that I am in love. You can find more photos and details of the kit over at the Cocoa Daisy site here.

February 2021 Cocoa Daisy kit - Demin and Blush

I thought these planner papers were particularly gorgeous and they drove my choices more than the set you can see in the full kit above. 

February 2021 Cocoa Daisy kit Demin and Blush

I was recently recording a podcast (more details nearer the release date 😉) and I mentioned that the kitting process often identifies missing items in your stash and this month was no exception. I clearly need more blue toned papers. I was struggling a little and I love using blue - note to self to pick some up next time I'm over at Scrapabilly 😉

Anyway, let's not dawdle. I'd like to introduce you to Starstruck

I know what you're thinking... it seems to have wandered off the path of the original kit somewhat but I promise you, I can see the inspiration. 

These are the papers and I started off with the sheet top left by Paige Evans Bungalow Lane. I thought the pink was perfect and it is dark blue in the background. From there I grabbed a handful of Pinkfresh Studio papers (top line) from different collections to pick out the pinks, denim and then the mustard and green of the original kit. They are not perfect matches but I think I like the mix. 

Then I remembered my Studio Forty Lunar collection and as this has softer tones of pink and the colours of the night sky - aka blues - I thought this would also be a good fit. This collection is full of romance - the night sky, the sentiments and the whole dreamy feel of the collection. The whole bottom row of papers are from the collection. I agree that the two rows don't necessarily go together perfectly but I think I can make them work - and it's a LOAD month in February so I am in the whole Glue and Go modus which means making things work which I might not have done at other times!

Then I went to town with the embellishments adding in everything I had from the Lunar collection, including a set of stamps which are hardly touched as yet. I am challenging myself to learn to stamp more in 2022 so this should be interesting!

Some pocket cards, some expoxy stitckers along the night sky theme, a few washi tapes and an almost completed sheet of sparkly enamel dots by Paige Evans.

I wanted to include a set of alphas to give me a lot of choice so added some in different sizes and colours. I think I'm going to need more small stickers at some point but I will add them in as I need them. This looks like a good mix for a start.

And then my eye fell on the Heidi Swapp embellishments from the Carefree collection and something about it just made me throw it all in. There is definitely some blush/pink elements in there as well as some gold which I think is missing from the rest of my selection and even some blue shades. I'm not sure if I can get it to work with the other products in which case I might be short on embellies but I'm curious to see how I work with the kit!

I think this is going to be an interesting kit to use and at the moment, I'm not 100% sure of some of my choices but that's what so fabulous about a Counterfeit Kit Challenge kit - it's my kit and I can make changes to anything or even all of it if I want during the month. 

My kit, my rules 😉

So I hope you will join us this month and make up your own kit - we can take this challenge together!

Here's the full hop list in case you need it and don't forget to share your kits and creations over in the Counterfeit Kit Challenge FB community here or over on IG  - @counterfeitkitchallenge / #counterfeitkitchallenge and #ckcfebruary2022

Monday, 1 November 2021

November 2021 - Counterfeit Kit Challenge kit reveal and hop

 How is it possible that the last time I posted anything here on my blog was way back in June? That's going to have to change. New year, new plans 😉.

But in the meantime, I hope you've hopped over here to see what I've done with our November Counterfeit Kit Challenge inspiration kit!

I love picking out the November kit and making it extra special - it's my birthday month in case you were wondering why! - and this month is no different.

Not only did I get to pick out a kit that I adore in autumnal colours that call out my name, but I also got to invite an online bestie, Susanne to join us as Guest Designer for the month! Win-win-win!

So, here is the inspiration kit I picked out for us - Felicity Jane September 2021 - Emily.

Felicity Jane September 2021 - Emily

I usually try not to pick an inspiration kit which only has exclusive products but this one really got my heart racing and decided it had to be the one for us in November. The colours are stunning and I really liked the patterns and designs of the papers and embellishments. You can find out all the details over at the Felicity Jane site here.

Now... here's the thing... I've got full-on rogue this month and done something that is totally not my usual counterfeit style.

When I was looking through my supplies, my eyes fell on some Studio Calico pouches that I picked up in a sale some time ago - two years ago maybe, although probably even longer. And I felt sure that I could find some gorgeous autumnal stuff in there. Well, not only did I find a piece of paper in a rather fetching shade of orange that I fell in love with, but that whole kit (Studio Calico June 2016 - Expedition) just seemed to fit the colours, design and feel of the Emily. So... do you know what I did? I decided just to use the WHOLE kit as my November Counterfeit kit. 

😳 😉

On another level of fun, this Studio Calico kit was actually chosen as our exclusive extra inspiration for (i)NSD in 2019 (find all the details here) and I only realised that when I saw the sheet of paper with the large quote. Anyway, I did take out one or two items that just didn't fit what I wanted my kit to be but it has all the basic colours and designs that you can find in the original even if it's a little brighter and bolder! And of course, no doubt I will add some extras in as I go along - alphas, enamel dots etc.

But honestly, I just didn't feel in the mood for reinventing the wheel when I had a kit that just spoke to me, that's years old but still untouched and that I know I will enjoy using! I just needed the push to make the first cut. I'm not sure I've ever just picked up an existing kit and said that this was my Counterfeit kit and it feels good to shake things up this month.

I told the team, "My kit month, my rules!" and I want you to take away this message - your kit, your rules. There's no "right" way to make your kit. Just bring together products that make you happy and you're good to go.

So after such a long introduction, here's my "Highlands" kit.

The oranges, the yellows, the graphic black and white, the dark blues. It's all there! I've got a plan to make a few travel pages and I know that with the focus on the outdoor of these products, it's going to be a good combination. Wish me luck!

It's going to be a great month and I can't wait to get started - how about you?

Here's the full hop list today in case you get lost and don't forget to share your kits and projects over at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Facebook Communityor share them on Instagram (we are @counterfeitkitchallenge or tag us using #counterfeitkitchallenge and #ckcnovember2021). 


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