Saturday, 4 July 2015

Forgeries on the Fourth

Back again with a really super simple Forgery on the Fourth today.

In the original kit, there was a sheet of paper with printed frames all over it with glossy accents on each of the frames.

For the original kit, I cut them out and used most of them while creating those layouts so I wanted to find a way to replicate them for my Counterfeit Kit Challenge July kit, Redux (see here).

I found a leftover die-cut shape featuring a frame (from the original Scrapabilly kit) and decided to try out my forgery

I took my small bottle of Glossy Accents and literally filled in the frame in a solid layer of glue. It took a few minutes and some patience to go up to each of the edges.

Then I had to put it to one side and wait for some hours for it all to dry. This photo shows it still wet and there is a little warping. This almost completely vanished by the time it was dry.

Here you can see it all dried. Obviously, I wasn't as careful as I could have been with the edges and I think my Glossy Accents was a little thick (too old maybe?) so there were a few tiny bubbles in the dried glue, but I think that the overall effect is great and when it's included on a page with other elements, these imperfections won't be obvious at all.

I think I read somewhere that you can use a pin or a needle to burst those little bubbles. I'm too lazy for that (!) but if you give that a go and it's successful, let me know!

I think you could get the same effect with clear embossing powder. You'd have to find an embossing pen (do they still make them?) and then do a few layers of clear powder but that would probably work too!

What element will you be forging for your kit?

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Counterfeit Kit Challenge July kit reveal blog hop

Welcome to this month's Counterfeit Kit Challenge July kit reveal. Hopefully you're here directly from our wonderful Guest Designer, Julie and next up is the ever delightful Lynnette with her creative kit staging - always a thrill! The full hop list is at the end of the post.

I'm even more excited than usual about the Counterfeit Kit Challenge reveal this month. Because? Well, this month, we were given the March Scrapabilly kit as inspiration featuring Kasier Craft Blue Bay papers. How exciting is that?!? I'm SO curious to see what the team create with my friend's awesome kit and am thrilled to be able to feature a little more of my one and only scrapbook store, Scrapabilly :-)

Here's the original kit - remember it? Check out those gorgeous aquas, greens, neutrals and greys. I loved it then and I still love it :-)

And a few detail shots!

Of course, I worked with the original kit back in March (you can see my original posts here and here) so this was a completely different experience than usual for me - interesting!

First up, why don't I show you my July kit - Redux

I didn't really know how to approach this kit because of the fact that it was a kit I'd actually had and worked through. But as luck would have it, as I was decluttering my room and sorting through stuff, I came across a well-loved but VERY old kit from our Bellaboo days when my sister had set up and was running the shop. This particular kit is from November 2008 and when she sold the shop in 2009, I bought a second kit because I loved it SO much! The first kit was pretty much finished and then the second one was broken into with a few layouts but the scraps and leftovers were all kept together because I really loved is SO much! And it struck me that the colours were very similar to the original inspiration Scrapabilly kit. I decided to build the kit around these leftovers.

What do you think? Not bad huh? There are two full sheets and a handful of scraps. By the way, the papers are Autumn Leaves! Anyone remember them? I used to LOVE their stuff. Ah, the good old days :-)

There were also a whole load of full sheets of cardstock in the kit bag so I put those into my kit too. I don't really use coloured cardstock anymore but let's see if I can get creative with using it up or even base a few layouts on the lighter shades.

Then I went though my scraps - in fact I went through ALL my scraps, decluttering along the way - and found a few leftovers from the original Scrapabilly kit and at the same time, pulled out anything which reminded me of the colours of the original. Again, all partial sheets and some scraps really are pretty small. There are some really old ones, such as the BG paper there in the middle, and some very up to date ones too. I really feel this collection of paper epitomises the original papers and works well as the base colours for my kit.

Then I had some of the original kit die cuts and cut apart elements left so I included those too. To fill up my die-cut selection - the original kit had half a full pack - I went through all the small bowls and collection points I had on my desk where I've been throwing in left over trinkets, dies etc and pulled out anything with a similar colour or feel to the original kit or my paper selection. There is a lot here! And one or two which are not quite the colour scheme (such as that pink heart) but that seemed to go with what had already been pulled out. There are elements from Dovecraft, BasicGrey, Crate, Pink Paislee and October Afternoon just to name a few.

I also went though any Cameo cuts I had left over from past kits and included a few here too - that teal glitter really matches the other colours I think.

The original inspiration kit had some twine so I included that and two other pieces of thread that had been in the original Bellaboo kit - not sure if I'll use them or not but the colours are great.

I found a few flair in my kit colours (including a Scrapabilly one in German!) to match the Scrapabilly exclusive flair in the original and instead of a selection of buttons, I've chosen a batch of decorative brads in designs and colours which fit my supplies. Washi tape was thrown in for good measure and because I don't use enough of it! The Scrapabilly kit had a metal arrow included and the original Bo Bunny papers includes a lot of doors and windows, so I interpreted those elements into a metal key embellishment. It's really heavy which is why I haven't used it up to now so I might have to see what to do with it.

So there you have it! A kit that includes elements from a whole range of other kits and which date back as far as 2008 right up to the present day. Now that's what I call a Counterfeit Kit Challenge kit!

What's the oldest element in your kit?

After letting me know you were here, don't forget to continue through the hop with Lynnette up next. And here's the full list in case you get lost. Link up any kits and creations over at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog link up page and share the fun of the kitting world!

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

June Counterfeit Kit Challenge member blog hop

Happy 24th June.

Hopefully, you're here for the June Counterfeit Kit Challenge member blog hop and are raring to go hopping. I'm first today, so when you're done, go on over to Tina who is sure to make you smile with her creation. She is all about the happy :-)

This month, we were asked to be inspired by these challenges:
Challenge #1:  Patterned Die Cuts: Use only PATTERNED PAPER to create a layered die cut for your project
Challenge #2:  Transportation Challenge: Have something transportation related on your project
Challenge #3:  One side or the other: Focus on only ONE side of your project (either one...we don't have a preference) and keep the rest white space
Additionally, I was inspired by Stephanie's design on the CKC challenge post so I went with #3 - One side or the other.

I used to be known as The Queen of No White Space and managed to totally fill my pages with papers and embellishments. While they looked great, used up loads of stash and made me happy, they are so very bulky in my albums - as I'm finding out right now in my layout sorting process - that I found myself using less on my page and therefore finding the joy of white space.

First off, let me show you what I made using my June Counterfeit kit, Spectrum.

June Counterfeit kit, Spectrum lo #1

I actually wanted to incorporate challenges two and three and also include some sort of transportation. But I didn't have anything suitable in my kit and then couldn't decided on a photo.  In the end, I settled for just the white space option and scrapped a photo from our recent trip to Vienna where top of the food list was Sacher Torte from Hotel Sacher. It was delicious.

Loved using the gold Silhouette cut here and finding a way to incorporate it into my title.

I've just noticed two spelling mistakes in "Sacher" up there, so as soon as I've finished writing this, I'll be making that correction!

Another take away from my "layout-into-album-sorting" experience is that I often repeat information on more than one layout or even copy the same information without realising. This comes from the fact that I usually scrap in a non-chronological manner and don't know/remember what I've already scrapped. In fact, I've been known to scrap exactly the same layout, even using the same title without realising until I find the second one by co-incidence. This really jumped out to me while I was going through my layouts and putting them into order for my albums. So, as a learning point, I know that I will make more than one layout about the Vienna trip so I don't need all the details of why we were there or what else we did on every one. That's the reason this layout just talks about the Torte experience and nothing else. I feel liberated in my scrapping through this organisational process. It makes me happy to see these points and then make small changes in the way I scrap.

Ok, so my "white space" has some misting splats which isn't exactly clear of anything but I think it still counts, right?

Keeping it simple was fun and created a page that will fit right into my Vienna story.

Next up is Tina and the full list is here in case you get lost along the way.

Happy hopping and we'd love to see you joining in over at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge. Find out how you can get involved here, here and some tips and tricks here.


Monday, 15 June 2015

15 loves {June 2015}

Welcome to the next in the series {15 loves} for 2015 based on the original concept by my beloved friend, Pam, back in January 2013. I shared my loves (mostly late) all through 2013 & 2014 and now it's time to see if I can continue the series through 2015. I hope you will come back each month to see if there is anything in my list to inspire you. You can see all my {13 loves} {here}, my {14 loves} {here} and now all my {15 loves} {here}

I hope there's something in here to inspire you or maybe just make you smile.


I've been sorting layouts. Hundreds and hundreds of layouts. There's a lot of progress and several hundred are now sitting in albums in roughly chronological order awaiting the next step of the process. There's a lot of work still to be done and some years are way over-scrapped but it's good to see boxed layouts seeing the light of day and a beginning to my system.


Talking of sorting layouts into albums and beginning on a system, I had already purchased the Shimelle course, Cover to Cover in anticipation. So when the Deep Dive Paperclipping audio course was released featuring Shimelle and Noell talking about Story Centred Albums, it was a no-brainer for me. It's fantastic and I can only recommend it as a spring-board to get those thoughts whirring about how you want to organise your layouts and ultimately, your stories. I've listened to it about five times all the way through now and each time I do, I come up with more ideas and more stories that I want to tell. Fabulous.

I love moons. I love full moons. Not sure I'm cool enough to carry this ring off, but I love the idea.

Pinterest source here


It's summer round here and luckily for me (or unluckily for the diet), there's an ice-cream parlour right opposite where we live now. Yes, we are frequent visitors and yes, Erdbeerbeche (strawberry sundae) is a winner every time.


Who doesn't love happy mail? This delightful package arrived from Lynnette and made me smile all day long. She is a sweetie! 


There's a lot of sorting, decluttering and reorganising going on round here and I love this shelf wall. I'd love to set up something similar - just not sure where right now. Floating shelves have been a favourite of mine for some time. Dust traps they may be, but I love the look of them.

Pinterest source here


Resort Fling by Essie. A great summer shade for those rare occasions when my nails can stand some attention!


I first saw these on Pinterest and saved them right away. Love the idea of map buttons. I wonder if I could convince Sylvia at Scrapabilly to allow me to make some map flairs? I see more maps in my future. I especially love how my of these buttons below feature towns in my area of Germany!

A Pinterest find but originally from the Veridiana Fromm blog. There are loads and loads of gorgeous buttons to be found over there


Just a silly that made me smile. So true, so true.


I pinned this from the members only area of Simple Scrapper and I just knew right away that I need to do this - that paper and the pile of photos combined with the long journalling. Love it.

A Jamie Leija layout originally pinned from the member site of Simple Scrapper, the pin can be found here


This is my life.


Such a great, simple look. The pops of red and union jack blue are perfect with the neutrals. Another look for me to ponder for our new home. We have a lot of neutral round here.

Pinterest source here

I love the look of the new Simple Stories collection Summer Vibes. We don't really do a lot of real summer stuff that needs this type of collection but you can be sure that several items will make it into my shopping basket on Thursday when I get to Scrapabilly again after a 4 week hiatus! This layout by Ashley Horton is a perfect example of the fun style that comes from mixing these gorgeous products.


My mum sent me this the other week. I thought it was hilarious. Maybe it's just me? What do you think?


Last but not least, who can resist these little ballet feet?!? My two year old niece and her first performance. Adorable!

Ilove you to share your own {15 loves} lists with me. Why not link up in the comments below?

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Scrapabilly June kit shares (part 2)

The June Scrapabilly kit is full of Pink Paislee Atlas collection and if you know anything about me and my scrapping, you should know that I'm a huge fan of travel papers and especially map and globe designs. This kit felt like my destiny!

Just to remind you, here's the full kit and you can get one of your own over at the Scrapabilly shop here.

You can find the first three pages I created in the blog post here and I'm back today to share the last two layouts. To be honest, I'm sure I could get the kit all over again and keep scrapping another five pages. I loved this kit - did I mention that?!?

Another paper design that I needed to use as a full background sheet because I loved it so much and so I tried not to cover up much of the main pattern. It has a flight route design but I matched it up with some road trip to the UK photos and then added in a flurry of the themed die cuts and embellishments.

And last up, a layout using all the same products but for a non travel theme to show just how flexible the kit is. Most of the b-sides were so neutral that they could have been used for all sorts of different topics. This is a "stolen" Instagram photo of two of my nieces and my nephew and it just reminds me that we don't see each other often enough.

Using the b-sides and creating little touches of pink across the page give this layout a totally different feel to the other four I made.

Just a reminder that you can see what the team did with this great kit over at the Scrapabilly gallery here and pick up a kit of your own in the Scrapabilly shop here!

Go on, treat yourself!


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