Tuesday, 22 April 2008

12 on the 12th

Something new for me this month. Something I heard about some time ago - I think it might have been one of Stacy Julian's columns in Simple Scrapbooks. Then again in this post by Cathy Z last month. Sounded fun, sounded like a good idea! So I got in touch with Susan and added my name to the list - the list for a gentle but firm reminder before the 12th and again after the 12th!

So I am late. But I did take photos on the 12th which was good as a starting point.

But have you noticed that when you WANT to remember to take photos of all the little details from something (like the day for example!) you FORGET! I mean, I take photos all the time. Photos of the little details. Photos of the sky, photos of the flowers, photos of the buildings. But throughout THIS day, I kept missing the detials! I missed getting a photo of me - looking reasonable for a change as we went out for breakfast. I missed the detail of the farm shop where we bought the first Deutsche Spargel (German asparagus - long story, another post!) of the season. I missed the detail of me collecting my NEW reading glasses or the chance to get a photo of me in the glasses. I missed the detail of the said asparagus sitting on the kitchen counter, all stripped and bare. I missed the detail of the boys having a whisky tasting. The only photo of me? One right at the end of the night - looking definitely worse for wear (both of us actually!). I remembered to get Ralph waking up. I remembered to get the weather. And I remembered to get the asparagus reaching the table. So all is not lost. But a learning experience for next month!

Here are my photos for 12 on the 12th - a day captured from beginning to end.

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  1. Anonymous9:59 pm

    love your pics, ralph's a good sport!


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