Saturday, 31 May 2008

12 on the 13th

I cannot believe that actually, on the 12th May (which was ideal as it was a Bank Holiday here in Germany), I FORGOT to take my pictures. The reminder had come out from Susan during the weekend and I was all set up but poof! my mind went blank and did not remember until I went to bed that evening! But I decided to do it the next day instead and still stick with the twelve pictures even though it did cross my mind to do 13.

But again, it is really interesting that even though you know the whole day that you need to take photos, it's so easy to forget. I had a completely manic day because I was determined to get all those errands done that I usually cannot do because I can't do them on foot or public transport and on this day I had the car. It was a hot, sticky day but I still managed to do everything on my list (normal for any woman I think but Ralph was well impressed!). However, some of the stops I made along the way were not captured on film because I forgot - how this is possible, I have no idea but there you go!

And I am pleased to have managed to finish the layout before the end of the month, even though once again, I am not enamoured with the layout itself. Maybe I am making it too hard for myself by trying to come up with a different design each month - maybe I should just decide on a sketch and keep to it. I will see how I go in June and take it from there. But anyway, I am pleased to have captured another month and June will be interesting because Thursday is a busy day for me and we will be in the middle of the European Football Championship so I fear my living room will be once again turned into some sort of a football studio by Ralph! So I guess the German flag will feature and probably some sort of football stuff. (mmm exciting - NOT!)


  1. Anonymous8:26 pm

    love this project, but I KNOW i would forget to take more than 2 pics. Have you been using that BG punch tool thingy again? love the border effect :) it all looks fab!! x

  2. Miss O7:45 am

    Nice 12 of 12! Thanks for sharing :)


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