Tuesday, 17 June 2008

12 on 12th June

And another month completed! And look how fast it was this time. It's only the 17th and I have not only edited the photos down, but also completed the layout. Go me!

So pleased with myself and love this project. A really great snapshot of my life month by month.

This month, the theme that came out was time and transport which was interesting. I noted down the time of each photo and it showed me that I had a great morning complete with an always welcome Starbucks time and then in the afternoon, there wasn't really so much going on - or at least not that interesting. And the sky was still a bit light at nearly 11pm which really surprised me. I have also listed all the places I went and how I got there - I think I used every type of local public transport which will be interesting to look back at in the future. An ordinary Thursday for me - nice!


  1. awesome page Lisa! LOVE all of the nice big pictures!! I'll get the blog updated soon (crazy busy this week, so I'm behind!) and then everyone else can share in your great work!!

    GOOD JOB!!!

  2. your layout LOOKS like a day of regular life! can't explain it better . . . hope you know what i mean. love it!


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