Monday, 26 January 2009

How many times can I kid myself that I am "catching up"?

Yep, more time goes by, more projects left unfinished or not even done although I always have the very best of intentions!

So, new leaf, new start and all that.

Here is my 12 on 12 for December (way late) and January (at least it's still this month!) with much respect for my fellow 12 of 12'ers who always manage to get their projects done within a day or two!

A change of plan for me this year though. Since April last year, I have been making life difficult for myself my making each month a different (and not always successful) design. Well as of January, I have decided to make life easy by choosing one or two of last year's designs and just repeating it each month which hopefully will make it simpler and quicker. I am also considering using just one range of paper although I am not sure about that right now.

Anyhow, I loved the easy and pretty design I came up with in November and decided to start with that. I am also considering the July design or even the October design. I thought two might be nice so that I can alternate them.

So December was all about signs of Christmas all around and January was my first real day back at work with plenty of cold snow still on the ground. Both themed to some degree.

I love flipping through my 12 on 12 album and seeing how my days have changed from month to month. This is such a great project to be a part of - thanks Susan!

And I will be so pleased when we get more daylight and I can take half decent photos of my stuff. (yes, I know I could use my scanner but one thing at a time!)


  1. I'm with you, trying to come up with just one or two layout combos to use for the 12 of 12 each month. Seems like I'm always playing the catch up game too. ;) Great layouts & a nice series of photos.

  2. The strips on the january one is really cool! i love all the patterned papers on the december one.

  3. i started out wanting to copy some of the great designs i saw others using, but i'm now firmly convinced the super-simple (mod of) cz's design is for me. every month. it gives me peace knowing i can complete the page within minutes. :)

    love your pages - i remember and especially like the january page with the strips. so creative!


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