Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Scrappy Happiness!

We have all been a bit behind on our work with the *wonderful* Bellaboo February kit "Be Still My Beating Heart" but yesterday and today was great as I had time to sit down and really use it to create some layouts that have been on my mind for some time.

I have to admit that I have to get more organised with my photos as I lost a lot of time searching for the photos I wanted to use and then getting them printed out. I don't know if you remember, but last year I joined the BPS Stacy Julian class Library of Memories. Well, we get admission as alumni again this year so maybe this will kick start the good habit of organising, printing and storing my photos so that they are accessible again! I managed in the end but it was a bit frustrating! At the same time, it was lovely to go through some of my older photo files and catch glimpses of some I had forgotten all about!

The kit was a dream. I know that I say this all the time, but you have to believe me and try it out for yourself. I created and created and created and still there seemed to be kit left over. I am sure I could have squeezed out a few cards and tags but decided to leave the scraps to one side now and maybe move onto the PILES of papers I have all over the place here. After all, I have to clear some space for when I come over to the UK and go serious shopping.

Did you know that Bellaboo is having a stock clearing sale? I NEED to get some shopping done but so do you! Get over there and have a look.

I was a little surprised to see how difficult I found it transferring some everyday inspiration I had seen in Starbucks (a poster advert) into a layout and have to confess to being a bit disappointed with myself. The poster was so lovely that it just did not seem to translate. Perhaps I will have to try that one again. Here is it and I think it is a bit "nothing".

Of course, no February loved up kit would be complete without a full complement of layouts about my beloved...
And the embellishments in the kit needed a double loving one at least...
And the rub-ons screamed chocolate and cupcakes so that got me thinking (have to admit to being inspired by Libby here too after she expressed surprise that I had not automatically done a mini book for R about chocolate! She knows us too well!) So scrumptious chocolate fudge cakes were featured and I have just had an idea that I should have included the recipe somewhere. I have had this particular recipe since school (WAY too long to remember!) and we used to make it over and over. Was it a recipe from Mrs Lycett our HE teacher or was it my friend? I can't remember but whoever it was, Thanks! This has to be the best chocolate cake EVER! And this was the first time I made it into cup cakes.

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  1. OMG, that was the best chocolate cake ever! Give me the recipe, as soon as....

    Start singing "it's a small world, after all.." (I sing it loads, think it's my age).
    Anyways, my sister and I having been looking for something crafty to get up to, as one of our bigger plans didn't quite come off. Anyways, we came across this crop that sounded fun. So, we're thinking we might just try to book on it. Yeah, you guessed it, it's only your blimming sister's. Go on, sing the song - It's a small world, after all.

    speak soon

    Sarah x


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