Monday, 20 April 2009

Pink (of course)

Ahhh. Things are calming down here again after a couple of weeks of rather chaotic days. Littlest brother was staying with us. Not much work you would think. But one extra bod in the house seems to make a big difference and I seemed to spend my days cleaning, washing, preparing food and putting up with football.

But it was lovely to have him here - he is easy to have around and he is such a laugh! He got into all the German trash TV that we are addicted to such as Germany's Next Top Model (go Mandy!) and Pop Idol (shame on you Bohlen for calling Anne-Marie the B-word) - (ok, only funny and relevant if you a) live in Germany and b) stoop to watching this trash!) and entertained us with his rather amusing renditions of some of the *stars*!

Of course, Easter came in the middle of all this and we decided, after a lot of umming and arring, to stay home rather than braving the horror of the Easter weekend tourist traps. So, home it was and I pottered around decorating the place with the usual plethora of eggs and bunnies.

I decided that this year's Easter would have a pink (what a surprise!) theme and even managed to find the time to make sure I actually followed through on some of the ideas for decorations etc that I had had. Yes, I am that type of person who has all the right ideas and gets all the bits and pieces in to do them, and somehow runs out of time at the last minute and ends up disappointed with myself for not getting myself in gear sooner!!!

So, even though I did not manage everything I had in mind, I was very happy at my pinkness that came together at the last minute.

I asked R to organise some flowers for me, pointing out that they should be *pink* and he heard *orange and yellow*! How? Don't ask me. Man ears I reckon. But luckily they know me at the florist and included lots of hot pink for me which was a good coincidence! No thanks to the man ears!

Mum had sent over some adorable Easter crackers which are always a winner here in Germany as they really do not really have any crackers. They know the score now and instantly want to pull them, tear out the paper hat and wear it, play around with the silly toy and try to translate the jokes (sometimes with limited success!). And these were no exception.

There was lots of laughter, a good (I think) dinner, plenty of bubbles to drink and everyone seemed to have a lot of fun - I love these dinners! They really are worth all the effort.

Mum had also sent over some bunny masks which we were instructed had to be worn on Easter morning - duly done and recorded! Catch the much more appealing and sweet photo of the same masks being modelled by Cam, Maddie and Isabella here!

Of course, Easter Sunday was the 12th. I was really excited that this year, my 12 on 12 for April would be Sunday. And was quite excited about this fact the whole week. Naturally I totally forgot on the day! I have enough photos of course, but not the selection I would have chosen had I been taking them all day! Oh well...

So, now it's all back to normal. Enjoy the sunshine and have a good week!


  1. Anonymous11:12 pm

    love your pink easter and the goofy bunny teeth are soooo attractive! looks like you had a lovely easter!!!

  2. Anonymous2:38 pm

    just looked at this photo again, it's quite worrying!!! :)


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