Sunday, 3 May 2009

One of those days

I had all day to myself. One of those lazy, quiet days with nothing to do. I was alone and could not wait to just spend ALL day scrapping. It was National Scrapbooking Day after all. Libby was at a crop in the UK so I would attend virtually and join in on the fun.

THAT was the plan.

Nothing ever quite works out that way does it?

First there was the monthly invoices to produce and send off. Of course, this is important and I sat down to do this first and foremost like the well-organised girl that I would love to be. Oh, I forgot to put the washing in, so off I trundle downstairs to do that first. Back to the invoices, bit complicated as I had 5 to do to 3 different companies - multiple files, papers, address labels, inserts etc. I always get myself into a bit of a mess! And it needs to be right - food on the table after all. Finally done. Mmmm. Need to get them in the post right away. Better go right now and make copies and get them in the post. Also a bit complicated as some originals need to go in and not others while other copies need to be included and some not! Must make sure right ones go in right envelopes. And I am feeling a bit disorientated so that is never easy. Had a laugh while I was copying watching some rather technophobic people trying to use a customer loyalty card to get a printed voucher out of the machine. How many OAPs does this procedure take? At least 10 all with an opinion on how hard to press the screen, to remind each other what their postcode is and generally poke their noses into each other's business! Right, copies done. Down to post box. Yes, done and posted. Sigh of relief. Ok, while I am out, I really should do the round-trip to get some drinks. Off I go, collect the car, load up the empty bottles (deposit system here in Germany), off down the road I go. Of course, Saturday is Flea Market day so the traffic is at a standstill. 20 minutes later (for a 2KM journey) I unload all the bottles and pick up new. It's hot. Think I will just pop back in and get a lolly. That's better. Now, off to Lidl to drop off the water bottles and get more. More traffic of course. Horror roadworks allowing two cars through at a time. I am surprisingly calm and relaxed. The sun is shining after all and I have Elvis blaring out of the car stereo. Ok, drink bottles deposited and new water bought and in car. Oh yes, we need bread. Better get that too. Ok, everything back in car and home. Unload all those dozens of bottles in at the front door and drive the car back round to the car park. Back home, manage to trundle up our 70 (yes! and no lift!) stairs with about 20 kilos of bottles (not even making a dent in the piles of crates downstairs but patience is needed...). Everything in the fridge or freezer. Ok, now I'm hungry so I better make myself a couple of sandwiches and a couple of drinks. Sit down and eat this. Right, down to business. Desk a mess, better tidy all those papers away first. Oh and I must check out the Simple Scrapbooks blogs and post a few comments for the chance of a prize. Good, the washing is done, need to hang it out. It needs to dry and be ironed and back on bed before we go out tonight. (You can see where this is going can't you?!?)

FINALLY, I looked at Libby's SMS and decided that I could try her challenge (shaped cardstock, stitching and wings). I cannot believe it but my time is now quite short and I better really get on with this or it will be time to go out and nothing will be done. Quick decisions made and sewing machine taken out and threaded up. Thereby followed about 30 minutes of me cursing the stupid machine as it just would not stitch properly. Finally got it working and then whizzed the layout together in about 20 minutes. Second challenge from Lib - use stamping. Boy, by this time I was flying and pulled this one together in about 30 minutes. But that was it, my time was over and I had to get back to that washing - ironing it all and putting it back on the bed before slapping a bit of make up on to go out.

My grand involvement in National Scrapbooking Day? About an hour and a half. Amazing that I got two layouts done. It normally takes that long to pick out a photo!

How was your day?...


  1. Anonymous3:12 pm

    yep, i know those days. i have about 5 a week of those!!! but wow, for an hour and a half of NSD you've ended up with two gorgeous layouts!!! well done, they are both really fab. and the stamping puts mine to shame!!!

  2. Oh, my! What a day.

    I spent all day sat on my bum at the crop, only managed three layouts, and haven't blogged them yet - although I have taken the photos.

    But I have had one of those weeks...

    Sarah x


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