Thursday, 18 June 2009


Today I had time to kill because of an unplanned cancelled lesson. So as usual, off I trotted to Starbucks and decided to sketch out an inspirational blog post that I could write up later.

And that's where I faltered.

What should I write? What is it that I want to say? What is my blog all about? Now those are questions. I try to write once a week but this week, I have not created anything. A big fat nothing. So without anything to "show" what is good content?

I have been reading and hearing a lot recently about improving your blog posts or increasing your blog readership and it makes me wonder what am I trying to achieve here?

Well of course, I mainly blog to keep in touch with my sister (although she is really not so far away and we speak on the phone and email ALL the time!) - to let her know what I've been up to and to share my scrapbooking projects with her. My other sister seems to have dropped off the blogging wagon somewhere along the way (helloooo, are you there?) so that is it as far as family goes. And I know that I have at least one friend (hi Sarah!) who checks in regularly and another one or two (hi Jac!) who look sporadically. But who else is out there? Judging from my blog stats, I have quite a lot of passing traffic and I know that at least one or two fellow 12 of 12'ers drop by to see my late entries! (hi Meredith!)

Am I the only one who wonders who is looking and what do they think of what they find?

Let me know!

Other than that, today was a day for noticing the little things.

I noticed a leaf in a bush that must have been there the whole winter long and is just sitting there, happy where it is. I noticed beautiful cloud formations and the birds circling and settling as the sun went down. I noticed that people are unhappy when the weather is unpredictable and oppressive. I noticed that now we are moving away from Recklinghausen (a whole 15 KM away!) we are now finding the inspiration to visit other restaurants and bars in town that we have not been to before. I noticed, thanks to a rather strange TV show, that some people have really strange hobbies (flight simulators in their cellars, tea bag collections totalling 16,000++ and breeding crocodiles to name a few) so that collecting stash and watching TV is really not so peculiar. I noticed that berries are already forming on the bushes and it is not even mid-summer. I noticed several poor bumble bees on the floor fighting for survival (is it the weather?). And I noticed that I must practice *calm* each and every day. But it gets easier.

What have you noticed today?


  1. With you there, mate. I often wonder why I blog - and I'm not entirely sure. I feel I flit between my creating (ha ha) and a bit of life - the selected highlights. BUT I enjoy it - although it does give me that vague stressy feeling when I know I haven't blogged in the past week or so. I like that it makes me think about things, instead of just letting things pass me by. And I like noticing things - which would be even better if I could get ORGANISED enough to actually note them down! (Think organised is turning into my word of the year - there, I've said it. Now to put it into action!)

    Do you know, I think I've just composed my next post, thanks Lisa, and enjoy those unexpected times of CALM.

    Take care x

  2. Anonymous11:29 am

    I am always wondering, pondering, but not often noticing. In fact, I think my whole life passes by without me noticing alot of it. And if I do notice then I very quickly forget that I noticed. I am, however, now off to wonder what I've noticed and I'll be pack to comment on that. On what? Oh I forgot!


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