Tuesday, 25 August 2009

A New Challenge

I am a typical type A personality who works really well with goals and therefore also challenges. I have featured several of them over the months and recently I was browsing my favourite blogs and came across a challenge (here) that I think would really be good for me.

Since packing and unpacking all those boxes, I have realised (as if I didn't know!) that I have way too much stash.

I mean WAAAAAY too much stash.

I could probably scrap for 10 years without buying much more than a bit of adhesive and maybe a sheet of cardstock or two. It's scary. And a bit embarrassing!

So when I read on Gretchen's blog that she has set herself the challenge of producing 50 items (layouts, cards, tags, altered items etc) before buying any new stash, I decided to jump on board.

50 is a lot I know. But I think that I'd like to make some cards to keep in store and let's face it, it's never too early to start with the Christmas cards. I think, for me, 50 could be realistic.

I don't buy stash very often, I am more of a binge shopper, so if I get moving on this idea, maybe I can have a bit of a splurge before Christmas!

Are you up for the challenge? Libby? What about joining in?

I started by grabbing something off the shelf to use on a layout about my lack of height (!) and was horrified to see that it was a kit - totally intact and unused - from more than two years ago. I mean, that's not right is it?? My plan is to attack these kits I have lying around, making one or two things from each before breaking up the kits into the rest of the stash.

I want to feel that I can buy some new stuff without the guilt of unused stash bearing down on me (use me, use me!).

So, who's going to join me?


  1. Thanks for joining in, your awesome!!! :-)

  2. Anonymous10:35 am

    i'm not sure I can join in with this challenge but I'll give it a go!


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