Saturday, 20 March 2010

Been busy...

So, some weeks ago Deb wrote a blog post which featured a mobile phone photo someone had sent her of a gorgeous shop. It featured lacy white, blues, pinks and reds and Deb asked if anyone wanted to join her in using that as a new inspiration challenge. 

I loved the combination of colours and promised myself to make up my own kit based on this. I actually ended up changing it a bit using a more turquoise blue rather than the sky blue featured. And I fished out some "odd" products I have picked up on my travels and challenged myself to use them - a white, round, felt place mat and some silver transfers. The felt is really thin so I thought it would be ok to use on a page, but the circle was larger than 12" so I need to get clever with how to put it down. I had no idea what the silver transfers were (bathroom tile transfers maybe?) and I just figured I would work it out! Anyway, this kit is quite a bit smaller than the last "Pink Whisper" kit I made and I just need to come up with a name...

Because Deb also said not to forget the cupcakes and I don't have any cupcake products or photos or anything, maybe I will just call it "Sweet Hearted". Yes, that sounds quite nice. Here it is:

What's interesting is that I love the mix of products and colours and the feel of it, but so far, it's proving to be a bit difficult to use. I have played around a bit and started a couple of backgrounds which I will need to work on but so far, here is the only layout I have managed.

It features me (just for a change!!!) and a photo that is a few (5 1/2) years old and it makes me realise that I have to really "do" something about how I look at the moment! I have seriously gained weight over these years and I want to look like this photo again - maybe this can work as some sort of a motivational tool for me.

Moving on: yesterday was my once a year opportunity to go to a craft fair. It's the only one I know of at the moment anywhere near me. And this one is really near me - just a few kilometres down the road. Creativa is an all-inclusive crafting/hobby show which can be a real eye opener from my point of view. I'm always bemused by the hobby products that "rock" the Germans. There's not many scrapbooking stands but this year, there were a few new faces (mostly from Holland) and I got some great stash that I haven't found so far at my LSS in Kempen. As I have said before, scrapbooking is relatively new over here and so the main focus of the show is so NOT scrapbooking! There were 5 halls and only 30 stands I noted down. Of course, I approached this in typical Lisa way, searching through exhibitors for those stating they featured scrapbooking products. Then I noted the names and stand number and once there, I worked my way around each hall checking each one off the list, before moving onto the next. I looked a bit left and right but wanted to really focus my time there! And I shopped!!! I had both R and Libby sitting on my shoulder saying, "And that, and that, and what about that? Don't stop! Keep going!" It was fun!

Here are a few things that caught my eye.

** What a great way to showcase beads. There must have been millions there - so beautiful

** There was nothing on this stand I didn't love and I could have just taken the whole lot and put it directly into the flat. Not sure R would really appreciate the vintage, pink focus but isn't it gorgeous?

** The show's international partner this year was Korea and there was part of the exhibition featuring paper creations. Can you believe that this picture is made with paper? I loved it. I loved the idea of the nest and couldn't believe it was really paper until I got up close!

** This was a huge sculpture of a flower - maybe two metres diameter. Don't you love it?

** I kid you not, this was really made of paper. Not very practical perhaps but certainly interesting!

And what about my purchases? Drum roll please.......

(** and pat on the back to me as I stitched two photos together for the first time ever!)

I bought WAAAAY too much of course. I mean, I can't imagine using this all up even if I scrapbooked every single day of my life. In my defense, some of this will be shipped over to Libby. And I bought quite a lot of stuff that will be used over and over rather one use stuff - glimmer mists, a Martha Stewart punch, Cuttlebug embossing folders and a couple of Nestabilities for example.

I was really feeling the green again this time around and bought loads of different shades of standard, lime, sage and turquoise greens. Oh, and dots - lots and lots of dots. And I surprised myself with an urge to grab a selection of American Craft papers.

What do you think???


  1. Anonymous9:17 pm

    What do I think? Well, I think you'd be a great shopping partner for Ally Pally! Although I think your craft fair might be even better! Love everything and am reeeeeaaaallly jealous. Told Jon they have a topless bar at NEC just to ensure he'd take me so I can catch up! He said he would. Hm.

  2. It looks like you had a blast at the craft show, i'm so jealous as i wont be going to any until the big one at the NEC in November as i'm heavily pregnant and waddling like a penguin [he he].
    Have fun with your new products - Ju xx

  3. Wow, I can see why you need 2 pictures with all those scrapping goodies. What fun you will have using those.


    PS I would certainly take the kit and kaboodle of pink vintage stuff for my home too. So pretty.

  4. Woah that's some stash you bought,all looks fab.I see lots of prima swirls.
    I love the colours in the kit you put together and great LO.
    I think the photo you took of all those lovely pink and red pottery and cushions etc is so pretty it might end up been a photo/colour inspiration challenge.So pretty.

  5. wow, that is some shopping. so glad you did that, i know you don't get too many chances to shop - or so you say... i'm off to the nec this week, i wonder what i'll come home with? hopefully nobody from the topless bar...


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