Monday, 5 April 2010

Good things

Remember this photo?

Good, old-fashioned, fun, green glitter?

What I didn't mention was that I do a LOT of blog hopping. One of my favourites is The Pioneer Woman - it's witty, clever, inspiring, full of wonderful photography, incredible looking recipes and just a good read.

Last week, PW announced a new photo assignment/competition featuring "green". There were thousands and thousands of incredible entries and I tried my luck with my glitter photo. I loved it and I figured there must be some other glitter lovers out there too! Well, PW selected it as one of her picks! Talk about thrilled! I couldn't stop grinning! She had more than 8,300 entries and chose 124 to highlight - and mine was one of them. My photo was there amongst some really astounding talent and I felt really honoured! I didn't make it to the final selection from which PW will chose the winner but hey, that wasn't really the point!

If you enjoy looking at great photography, check out the finalists she has chosen here, or pop over to the Flickr group here to lose yourself amongst a plethora of green!

And before I forget: The reason I was so exhausted on Wednesday was because of this...

Mmm, maybe the photo doesn't really do it justice!

More details to come - I am in the middle of writing up the blog post...


  1. Well done you. Photo is fab!!!

  2. Anonymous11:01 am

    well done! it is a gorgeous photo xx


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