Sunday, 20 June 2010

Happy mail and happy class

Look what arrived through my door last week! A little BG package of happy mail to brighten up my Tuesday! I received this as part of a spot prize in my BPS class Dimensional Details. And this travelled all the way around the world from New Zealand! Thanks Nic, I love it!

I hadn't even realised that BG had started to make little journalling packs - love it and will definitely be looking out for more of these in the future! And this pack is from Sugar Rush which I think I neeeed to get now!

And onto the latest creations for Dimensional Details - this class is brilliant and I have been loving the techniques and designs featured.

I've been really good too, because I have been breaking into all sorts of kits, ranges, packs of papers and products and USING them! Wey, hey! Go me!

I have discovered products that I had forgotten all about and found new ways of combining them or using them in new ways. I really feel like I have made a bit dent into my stash, and that can only be a good thing, right?

This is from week 10 and concentrated on embellishments and clustering, also featured a digital, hybrid element. And yes, you can see Periphery! Only the second time I have ever used it!

Week 11 featuring another gorgeous photo of the photogenically adorable Isabella! Flowers were the main focus of this week although you would not know that from this layout! But I now have a huge list of ideas for making my own flowers in the future. I am really pleased with this layout as it is really my style, but also not my style at the same time. And it features quite a few repurposed embellishment items and relatively new papers which is also a good thing - too often, I keep holding onto new papers for some reason, without using them!

And week 12 is all about bringing it all together. All the techniques, all the design tips, all the fun of the last 12 weeks. Lots of distressing and curling. Lashings of layering. Plenty of texture and a good heap of a cluster. Is that Mellow I can see there? Why yes! Another range of paper that has only been used ONCE before!

*insert "I feel good" by James Brown here!*

During this class, I have learnt so much and have concentrated on the techniques and designs themselves rather than worrying too much about the actual layout I have created. Very often, I just picked up a photo that was lying around (I have loads and loads of such photos, printed multiple times, just looking for a home!) and found papers that matched the feeling. Very often, I haven't done so much journalling or at least far less than usual. But it has been fun and to be honest, many of these layouts have become some of my favourites from recent times.

I'll be sad when the class finishes next week. But I'm feeling very inspired at the moment, so hopefully, I will be able to continue the creative push I have discovered.

What have you been up to recently?


  1. What a great prize! The class looks really good fun.Amazing layouts,love the one with Bella,great flowers.I love the last LO as well all that curling paper and distressing,right up my street.

  2. Anonymous9:30 pm

    wow am well jealous of your orize! lucky you!!! want to see you using those stamps now. love your LOs, great to see you using those papers, even if they are SO last season!!!! lol xx

    ps can i get a copy of those bella pics???


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