Thursday, 19 August 2010

Behind The Wheel (or Installment 2)

Warning! Photo heavy posts following including excessive use of the Hipstamatic (we've been having lots of fun!)

Now where were we? Ah yes, we had been doing some of the Industry Culture Route - some of which was more successful than others!

With a quiet day ahead of us, it was decided that Ted should have an early driving lesson on the company car park (private land) and I should have a "it's scary to see him behind the wheel" moment.

Although his parking needs a bit of work!

Ted works really had during his time here, going off to work every day and being the post/copy/dog's body for all and sundry and so I really try to make sure it's balanced with some fun.

So what did I think he would totally and utterly enjoy on his precious Sunday evening? Of course, a trip to the cinema where I forced him to watch Twilight: Eclipse!!!!

*sigh* Jacob *sigh*

Did he enjoy it? Like I care!!!! I did and that 's all that matters! (but I really appreciated that he did actually agree to come along!

The following weekend, I arranged for him to have a day off work making a long weekend and we kicked it off at Zeche Zollverein which is a UNESCO heritage site and includes many protected bauhaus style buildings from the times it was a working mine, a cokery, two museums and many other event locations built in or around the buildings. It's an incredible area and you really need a whole day to take it all in. 

This is the main shaft head building which is such a typical symbol of the Ruhr area and is a really famous landmark.

We visited both museums - the Ruhr Museum and the Red Dot Design Museum, the panorama point, the cokery and wandered around all day. This was the second time I've been there and it's changed a lot in the meantime. I love it and you can learn so much and experience a little of what it all used to be!

A very cool day out.

Stay tuned for more of the Smith/Hausmann adventures...

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