Monday, 17 January 2011

Me in 2010 (2010 in Review pt 4)

I can't say that I looked my best in 2010. 

Too many extra kilos ignored, far too many new grey hairs that I was too lazy to cover up most of the time, too little time spent on looking after myself. In fact, when it comes to me, I am pretty lazy! I have my fair share of vanity, but more often than not, the laziness wins out! LOL. But I thought it would be interesting to see what I looked like through the year - hair, wrinkles, clothes, smiles? So, maybe this is a vain 2010 review but I think we often don't look at ourselves enough. I try to get plenty of photos of me as I scrap a lot about me (if I don't, who would?!) but I can definitely see that this year was limited as far as photos of me, and photos of me and those people around me. Anyway, here are a few that stood out.

1. Mum's special day. When I look at photos like this, I struggle to find any resemblance at all. This photo especially, makes us look like day and night! 

2. Me at the coal mine. I was surprisingly clean when we arrived back on the surface after three hours more than a kilometre underground. But boy, the dust was everywhere! The shower water was black and it took days to get rid of the last fragments of dust from my nails and (horror) up my nose!!! A wonderful experience which was worth the dirt. Can you tell how utterly exhausted I was?!

3. Halloween. I tried extra hard this year to come up with a "good" costume for myself! I even planned it a bit, although I only put it together about an hour before our guests arrived! I had seen something on the Martha Stewart website which inspired me with the face make-up and just built on that. I was very pleased with the result although my trailing veil proved a bit of a health and safety hazard!

4. Just me. This was probably one of those 12 on 12's self-portrait photos (check out the mess in the background!). It's not pretty, not posed, not really edited and therefore, it's pretty real. Actually, I like the colour of my eyes here and so many freckles! 

5. A girl and her camera. I see these photos so often online so I tried to replicate them - with limited success! Rather wild, grey hair but this represents what I looked like for most of the year!

6. Classic Cosmo. Christmas Eve, Cosmopolitan in hand, silly paper hat on head, dinner with the love of my life. Who could ask for more?

7. New Year's Eve. We dressed up. The others came in jeans. It was a lot of laughs and I got to wear my wonderful Cadbury's dress (so named because of the gorgeous jewel purple colour of the dress which is very similar to the royal purple that Cadbury's use for their trade mark Dairy Milk bar of chocolate!) After a pre-Christmas trip to the hairdresser, my fringe is back and that makes me happy. Little things, huh?!

8. Faded me. Another 12 on 12 self portrait which looked so serious that it came to appear on at least one of the more serious layouts I did this year. I have to work on smiling more this year.

9. Hiding behind the camera. Another attempt at the photo in the mirror with camera type shot. I like this one better because the camera is hiding most of my face!

10. Just the two of us. I noticed that we didn't take so many of these types of photos last year - need to improve on this in 2011.

I think it's really important that I feature in our photos of our life. Last year, I forgot this a bit and when I look through 2010, there really aren't enough. And there certainly aren't enough of the two of us. This will be added onto my list of things to remember for 2011.

Try looking back on your own photos of you in 2010. What can you tell about yourself from them? 


  1. Lovely photos of you - though the Hallowe'en one made me want to shout 'Move away from those candles quick!". I realise there are very few photos of me in 2010 - and even fewer of my and Himself. Thank-you for the reminder about what may be more important to those who look at the scrapbooks in years to come.

  2. Anonymous8:07 pm

    lovely photos - you're very brave i hate even seeing one photo of myself let alone posting 12 of them for all to see! i could not do that. But, you look lovely on all of them :)

  3. Put a dark wig on your mom and you're practically twins! I love the Halloween pic and the one of you drinking a cosmo. I also need to work on taking more photos of me and my hubby.

    I'm rarely in photos, but I usually do a mini photo shoot after I get my haircut. I'm in the process of growing my hair out (again - I've donated my hair twice to Locks of Love) and love looking through the photos of my hair getting longer and longer. I don't usually scrap myself, but hope to soon.

  4. You take a lovely photo,I just won't have mine taken,I look awful on most of them.

  5. love seeing these photos of you. and yes, to me, you are brave to take so many photos of yourself - but i really should try to do some more, and scrap them - as you say, if i don't, who will? problem is, i seem to have photo tourettes - and pull faces. i'm trying to grow out of this (ha ha)


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