Wednesday, 23 March 2011

And just one more

This is it. Really. Honestly. I mean it. No more. Just this last one. Promise.

Personally, I blame S.

She always seems to track down the funnest (not a word I think!) challenges and then, the cheek of it, she posts about it and joins in on all the fun. Without thinking about the consequences... Of me reading it and wanting to join in... What a nerve! :-)

Well, here's another one for me.... Another one and it has to be the last one... No really!

So S was blogging about a reading challenge she had come across via a new visitor to her blog who in turn had heard bout it on the blog Callapidder Days. Confused? You will be! (name that TV show!)

But on a serious note, I love reading and just don't do enough of it these days. I've got really lazy recently and hardly ever pick up a book which is such a shame. But every now and again, I get a bee in my bonnet and grab a book off the shelf (one of the MANY I have but haven't read... ) and get going. When I travel back to the UK I always stock up on chick lit at the airport and get through them so quickly. But the ones on my shelves are a bit more meaty. And it's wicked to have them sitting there unloved (bit like my stash!) so this is an ideal challenge for me.

It's supposed to be a relaxed challenge - make it up for yourself kind of thing so you choose how many books you want to commit to, you post about it, read them and post about them at the end. Easy, huh?

I already had a small pile of books on my bedside table so that was a good start and then I added a couple more to the list to spice it up a bit. Or not, depending on your taste in books!

My pile of  books looks like this:

The Heart of the Antarctic - Ernest Shackleton
The legendary Antarctic explorer is such an interesting story with the loss of his ship to the powerful grip of the southern ocean and yet managing to survive and lead his crew to safety across the ice. It's a story that's fascinated me for a long time and at last I am determined to read the book now.
The Endurance - Caroline Alexander
A gorgeous hard-backed book full of previously unpublished, stunning photography of the expedition by Frank Hurley. Another long timer on my shelf that needs to see the light of day.
The Romance of the Book - edited by Marshall Brooks
A collection of essays and excerpts about the book. This and the next book were both bought when I was writing my MBA dissertation back in 1998 and have been scanned but not read. All about reading and books  and the passion that brings out in people. Looking forward to getting to these books without the urgency of research!
A Passion for Books - edited by Dale Salwak
Another book in the same genre as the last. On the dust jacket it says that it's a celebration of reading as well as a defense against the feeling that the electronic world is going to kill the book. Such an interesting idea. My kind of topic.
The Angel's Game - Carlos Ruiz Zafón
I know nothing about this book. I received it from Dad for my birthday in 2009 so it's way overdue a reading. I have seen it on Amazon with a gazillion good reviews so I think once I get past the first couple of pages, I will love it. Set in Spain at the turn of the last century (I think) which is something that is new for me so another interest factor. Looking forward to getting into this one.
Harmony - A New Way of Looking at Our World - HRH The Prince of Wales, Tony Juniper and Ian Skelly
Definitely not one for everyone, depending on where you sit on the Prince Charles side of things. But I have his first book which is all about his dislike of modern architecture or rather his love of classic design and enjoyed it a lot. This one was bought for me by mum for last year's birthday - it was a case of "I saw this and thought of you" for mum when she first saw it! I loved it. It was a perfect present. It appears to be a philosophical look at the problems with the environment and what we should be thinking about to move to a sustainable life on Earth. Could be heavy but it's one that I want to take my time on. Wish me luck!
Gone With The Wind - Margaret Mitchell
On the pile of books in the photo, this is the looking very sorry for itself book at the top. I scrapped about my love of this book (and Rhett) during LOAD which prompted me to pick it up and start reading it again. I think it must be almost 20 years since the last time. It has already gotten under my skin and I have found myself crying several times and sighing with frustration with Scarlet more than once. I love this book. The historical detail is incredible although of course, I have no idea as to its accuracy. It's a monster book (799 pages) and I adore each and every word. Still ever so slightly in love with Rhett.

Two works of fiction, 5 non-fiction. A couple of classics. One or two that are a little "out there". From the south pole through the southern states, on to the south of Europe. From exploration to quiet contemplation taking in war and saving the environment along the way. I'm excited to read these books which have been waiting for me for a long time - some are more than 10 years brand new!

There you go. A list that might say something about me. You tell me!

But definitely the last new challenge I am going to take on.... promise!


  1. I'll be very interested to hear how much you enjoy "Passion For Books" - that sounds like my kind of read too.

    There is nothing I like better than a photo of a big stack of books just begging out to be opened.

  2. Honestly, I think we've been "hanging out" together too long. I swear you sounded too much like me in the first part of this post. But then of course you have the patience to tackle the challenge with so much fervor as to describe your books. I, of course, can't do that - because I'm already looking to get involved in something else. You'll be ready for the next great discovery I make too, right?

  3. Soap!

    ... and that is some reading list!

  4. You've absolutely made me want to read "Gone With the wind". Now I'll have to add it to my want to read list!

    They had a documentary about Shackleton and his exploration at the Titanic Exhibit that was very interesting. You probably would have loved it.

    Happy spring reading.

  5. There's just something wonderful about a picture of a stack of books -- love it! Thanks for being part of SRT '11! Hope you're enjoying your spring reading so far.


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