Monday, 30 May 2011

What words will you use?

LOAD is almost over :-( but our last week was all about journalling which proved to be quite challenging. I don't have so many problems with design or embellishments but sometimes, different styles of writing can be a bit difficult for me.

But as you know, almost all my pages have some sort of journalling - sometimes relevant to the photo, sometimes not - and therefore, I embraced this week and really tried to fulfil the prompts as far as I could.

It was a fun week bringing the month nearly to the end.

I noticed that it's been a bit difficult to keep the pace going through the whole month which made me bit sad. But when I look at my pile of layouts, it makes me feel good to have made the effort and not to have thrown in the towel on those days when it felt a bit much.

June will be a slower month for me but I am looking forward to putting together another Counterfeit Kit Challenge kit and playing along over there too. Somehow, I just couldn't get my act together to get involved there and LOAD at the same time.

Anyway, here's the last week:

22nd May

Journalling - use just one word for your journalling

Page Maps sketch

Now, this was a difficult one! It's almost easier to find a photo that doesn't need any journalling at all rather than a single word! I decided to support the idea with a single word title too and this photo of Cam just seemed to fit the bill. There is a bit more of the story than the fact that he had been waiting a loooong time for his first tooth to come out, and therefore, there might be another layout to come. But this photo just says it all for now!

BG Archaic is perfect for Cam with his wonderful red hair and these wonderful shades really bring out his hair and eyes - isn't he gorgeous?

23rd May

Journalling - journal hard times

I am not afraid of scrapping about the not too positive but I have been trying to put a more positive spin on everything recently so I was a bit nervous about this.

Then I saw photos of my school and the idea of contrasting the good and the bad of those times came to mind.  There was a lot of journalling so the design was kept simple.

24th May

Journalling - scrap your dreams, hopes, wishes

I have a lot of photos that I like too much not to print out but that don't really have any sort of reason to scrap them. Every now and again, I like to flip through them and find a meaning in them so that I can put them on a page. This is just such a photo. I loved the fact that the sun is peeping over the frame of the windscreen and the pretty blue sky and fluffy clouds.

It just made me think of sunny days.

Do you ever use photos that are a bit more metaphorical in meaning on your pages?

25th May

Journalling - create a page that gives a "telling detail"

This page didn't really turn out as I had wanted but I knew that this month, I wanted to scrap this photo. My MIL took the photo out of the front window of their mobile home while we were driving in Alaska during our Yukon adventure. And honestly, that is really OUR mobile home there at the end of the rainbow! What a catch.

I wrote about how luck was shining down on us during the whole of this holiday and that spur of the moment decisions we made turned out so perfectly. This is a little bit of the story of our holiday that I haven't scrapped before so I am pleased to have done it, even if the design is a little "off"!

26th May

Journalling - make a page about a small detail

Based on a Page Maps sketch

I've had these asparagus photos for ages and have been meaning to scrap this bizarre German tradition for some time. Today was the day. I have since reworked the last but one line adding the fact that I have now joined them in on their obsession! We are right in the middle of asparagus season and I need to stock up on it before they stop harvesting on 24th June!

I used papers from a Studio Calico kit I bought last year and some old MM felt letters (which tore apart really too easily and I had to piece them back together! Does that ever happen to you?!)

27th May

Journalling - use an older photo and journal about the different story that you can see when you look at that photo now that you couldn't see before

What I find about the prompts is that some days, as soon as I read them, I have a picture spring into my mind and I know exactly the story I want to tell. This was such a story.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing!

Ah, I was young and tanned and naive! Funny to look back and see that my life had only just begun!

28th May

Journalling - make a page about something you are passionate about

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am passionate about R and pretty passionate about our travels. We don't have many "real" holidays but try to make the effort to do mini-breaks and to make the most of any time away that we have. When I look at the list, it's pretty impressive! 

Again, another photo that's been hanging around for some time and another example of finding a reason to use it on a page. There's nothing really to say about the photo itself except that we were in Nova Scotia and that was an amazing holiday. 

It's been a great week and I'm surprised at how many one photo layouts I have made - not my usual style. I have broken into, and almost used up, an old kit as well as a lot of older products mixed in with some newer stuff.

A successful week I think. 

Journalling? How do you feel about it?


  1. I think it's a hugely successful week, because what strikes me about all of these beautiful pages is the standard! You might have been trying to get one a day done, but they aren't rushed in any way. That's a job well done!

  2. We did it! Made it through another month of LOAD! There were a few times I just wanted to throw in the towel and say I'm not doing a layout today, but then I remember it's a "challenge" to keep on creating. I know I don't HAVE to do a page every single day, but I like to look back and feel accomplished at the end of the month. I also won't be participating in the Mother LOAD this year since I didn't want to worry about any classes during the summer or about scrapbooking at the beginning of next school year. Taking some time off until (hopefully) February 2012! That seems so far away. I do plan on watching my Flickr contacts this fall to see what you all have been creating. Thanks again for all you wonderful comments! I loved seeing your layouts and learning more about you :)

  3. Anonymous7:36 pm

    lots of gorgeous loayouts there all with your stamp on them!

  4. I love these pages. I love the idea of putting more effort into the words I use and the feelings i want to share. I usually have an idea, but I should think about it now (for next load) and get a list made.


    Love to you my sweet friend~

    btw~ did I ever tell you about all the hundreds of German boys and men I saw in spandex in Spain? I thought I was in a bike race in Frankfurt or Munich? Still makes me laugh. (sorry, completely off subject!)


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