Monday, 6 August 2012

August Counterfeit Kit Challenge kit reveal blog hop

Welcome to the August Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog hop kit reveal.

If you've arrived here directly, I recommend you go back to the beginning of the hop over at the CKC site (here) so you don't miss out on any of the fun and inspiration. If you are here via the delightful Julie (here) then you are on the right track and I'm glad you've stopped by. Leave me a message to let me know you were here and then go off and make up your kit! 

The inspiration kit this month was a digital kit by The Scrap Orchard, Summer Lovin' by Chelle's Creations. It's a pretty big kit with loads and loads of stuff in it, so it was fun to counterfeit and has produced a pretty big kit for me too.

The colours proved a lot brighter than I usually go for and I really liked the elements of green.

I started off as always, by picking out some neutral cardstock and then added in a red, a dark blue and a buttery yellow (some black was also added in after I took the photos) and then obviously, I didn't have any of the real product so I had to really think about how to approach the kit. So I took each sheet in the original kit and just went with matching up the colour or the design type or maybe just the feel of the paper - small print for example, or solid colour. 

There's a lot of paper in there, this kit is much bigger than I usually make and all the papers are double sided (or at least most) so I have a lot of choice:

And then the fun bit, all the embellies. I had the list printed out of what was in the inspiration kit, and it's a LONG list! So I went through and just picked out the type of embellies I have or what would go with the papers. There's a whole lot of older stuff that I want to try and use or lose as well as some things that I have no idea how to use on a page so it will be interesting to see:

Several alphas also slipped in there as I wanted a lot of variety becuase the kit is so big. There are several things on the list that I left behind and some random stuff I three in just because. I am really interested to see how I get on.

This was a fun kit to put together because of the fact that it was so enormous and there was no way to match up the items exactly. I like the result but we will have to see how it works in reality!

The reds, yellows, blues and greens jumped out at me and then I decided to add in the black alpha and some black cardstock and hey presto, Olympic colours which prompted the name " Olympiad".

Hopefully this kit will prove a winning combination for me (excuse the pun!) and I'm excited to see how yours comes together. Don't forget to link up your creations over at the blog.

Next on the hop is Libeeti so hop on over there and say hello.

And here's the full list of hoppers in case you get lost along the way:

Guest Designer: Guest Designer: Lynnette


  1. Nice match colour wise and it looks a really exciting kit to use

  2. Hope to see some Olympic winners!
    great kit.

  3. After sitting on the sidelines nd cheering others on for many many months I am finally jumping in with both feet and having a go this month.

    Thanks for the constant inspiration to have a go x

  4. Gorgeous kit! I love how "you" it still is, even with the brighter colors (I was excited to see your take on it, I always love your girly kits!)Love the name, too!

  5. What a great theme for your kit - especially as I'm sure using it all will be a bit of a challenge. Some great paper and embellishment choices too!

    Still thinking about how I want to approach my kit, but it's going to be fun!

  6. Oh, what a great theme to choose for your kit. I am looking forward to seeing your work with these bold colors. Scrap on!

  7. Beautiful kit!! I love the paper and embellishments you have chosen!!

  8. I love your pun about a winning combination! I'm all about puns and wit in my posts. It's interesting to see your process of assembling your kit and how you arrived at the Olympic theme. You make it such a natural process. Thanks for the warm welcome here this month. I am absolutely tickled to be part of the "team".

  9. I love the names you pick - that's certainly an Gold Medal winning kit!

  10. What fun papers and very creative embellishments! I love the name of your kit, we've been watching the Olympics here too! Thank you for delightful!!! xoxo

  11. Some very awesome embellies and great papers to play with this month!! Can't wait to see what you create!

  12. Wonderful theme - and I love that camera paper, so cute! Of course, the embellishments are my favorite, but then again, we all know what a sucker I am for embellies! : )

  13. Good for you for sticking with so much of the original - I am wimping out but have a method to my madness, lol! You have a really rich assortment here - I am very curious to see what you create, as your style lately has been a bit more serene & simple. Can't wait!

  14. I am really big on trying to use up the older products in the stash, so I award you a gold medal for your "use it or lose it" attitude!

  15. Hi Lisa, Your kit is amazing. I really like all your embellishments and looking forward to seeing all your layouts this month.

  16. I love the papers you've chosen! I have a few of those in my own collection! Awesome kit!


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