Saturday, 13 October 2012

Counterfeit Morphing Challenge

One of the great things about being a Counterfeit Master Forger is that there is a lot of fun going on behind the scenes. We are chatting the whole time, getting inspired from each other and several times a year we get to join in on some challenges - you know, we are a creative lot ;-)

So this one was all about taking inspiration and creating and then passing it on. We named ours the "Morphing Challenge" though you might also have heard about something similar with Chinese Whispers. All I can tell you is that it was a lot of fun and it went a long way from start to finish!

I hope you've made your way through the hop (I'm the last stop) and are coming to me from Margie's blog (here) but if not, I suggest you go back to the Counterfeit site and start there so you can see the full effect of where our inspiration took us!

Here's my take on Margie's take. I loved the wide strip across the middle and the diagonal design. The rest sort of developed!

Here's the whole list for you in case you get lost ;-)

Crystal**Inspiration Layout
Lisa   <<<<----  you are here
Hope you've enjoyed seeing our morph experience. Leave me a comment to let me know you were here (I love hearing from you!) and happy scrapping!


  1. You are all so clever! I love this. I want to be a counterfeiter toooooo! lol jenx

  2. What a soft and pretty page! And everything you've put on here really adds to it. And that bow cluster is simply devine!

  3. I love playing such games too - always fun to see where the group(s) go!

    Fun page, I like the popped up clouds and the big bow with embellshments and dolls.

  4. How pretty! So amazing where this challenge started and where it ended!

  5. This is so pretty, Lisa! I love the colors and the softness!

  6. Lovely page, so interesting seeing how different scrappers reinterpret each other's work!

  7. This page is amazing! Love the dimensional clouds and how you used the EP boy collection on a girl page. That reminds me not to limit myself when scrapping. Looks fabulous!

  8. like how you did some of the clouds 3D - very creative


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