Saturday, 26 January 2013

Catching up and plans for change

I haven't posted all that much recently (here recently means the last 4 months!) and again, this doesn't mean I haven't been scrapping. There's a whole lot of paper cutting going on in the background, I've just been bad at sharing.

I've been marginally better at Whimsical Musings where I've managed to create and post about 80% of the weeks (tut tut!) and I started LOAD1012 but rushed off to the UK in the middle of the month to meet my new niece so couldn't finish.

Which means a lot of layouts which have been made but not posted. Now don't worry, I'm not going to share them all. But I have managed to finish off a couple of older CKC kits and thought I would show you a few of those finished projects.

One of the things I love most about my Counterfeit Kit Challenge kits is that the layouts that get made from them are often really different from each other. I often don't remember that they came from the same kit when I browse through them. I think this might be because I always have several unfinished kits on the go at any time and from layout to layout, I change the kit to use. Going back to unfinished kits means that the papers often get combined in new ways and I might add in one or two little things (such as twine or cardstock) which gives them a new look.

This also means that I get to enjoy my kits a long time, I don't get bored with them (well mostly anyway), and I'm not limiting myself to a certain set of supplies for a lengthy period of time.

However, there's the right time to call a kit finished and today was that day for my very old kit, Packing, from September. So here are a few layouts from that kit...

This was for Whimsical Musings #55 (inspired by summer memories)

This layout is for Whimsical Musings #73 (inspired by orgnisation) but also for WM#63 (inspired by random sets of photos) and using Creative Scrappers sketch #244

Packing produced only 7 layouts which is on the low side. In the past, I was happy with 6 layouts but with my newer style, I've been getting nearer 10. But somehow, I looked into the box this morning and decided that its time was over. I've tucked all the leftovers back into the rest of my stash and that means I've just three kits left on my shelf. And it's time to make up the new month's kit. I fell in love with it and I hope you will too. Make sure you come back on the 1st to see how I get on!

In the meantime, I'm trying to come up with some new ideas for the blog. I've been inspired by Pam who has set up a few creative series on set days of the month and I love that idea! What would you like to see here on my blog? Any ideas for me?

I'll try and post some layouts from other kits soon but in the meantime, happy Saturday!


  1. yay. more Lisa and some wonderful pages I had forgotten about. I would personally just like to see more of you. :) that's a simple request, right?

  2. Anonymous8:35 am

    I like those feathers you made fro that kit. Can you do us a demo if you come to the Bromsgrove crop this year?

  3. I'm with you Pam. I love your LOs, and I love your thought processes. But sometimes I miss you - totally understand keeping life away from a scrapbooking blog, though. Yes, and a demo if you get to Bromsgrove this year!

  4. Nice pages - but in what universe is 7 truly lovely pages from a kit on the "low" side. You underestimate yourself, Lisa!

  5. WOW! I love these pages!!! Your style is so much fun. Love how you use minimal supplies to create FABULOUS layouts!

  6. What a great way to finish out some kit pages. I bow to your creative productivity :). If you like going back to your kits, maybe that's a good creative series for you? Kits revisited?

  7. So many gorgeous layouts you shared with us. I've missed keeping up with you all over at WM. It is my hope to get back soon. I love that you made a layout about your ideas for your scraproom. I would usually just think about scrapping whatever I decided on in the end. That is a unique take on the prompt.

  8. Amazing layouts!!! I love that you got so many!!

  9. Fabulous pages, but can't believe you think 7 is a low number lol

  10. This looks like a rich haul to me - full of variety and life. I love that boxes one - I think it's the layering and textures ...

  11. I've often thought that your pages don't always seem to come from the same sets of supplies. Yet they always looks as though they are made by the same person - all the little details in them show your individual style.

  12. Love all your pages, and I love how you can use the same kit yet the pages all look so different. Question? You say you keep multiple kits going at the same time, how do you store your different kits? Would love to see your storage ideas!

  13. Love all your pages! I love how you can use the same kit and yet the pages all look so different! Question? You say you keep multiple kits going at the same time, but how do you store your kits? Would love to see your storage ideas!


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