Monday, 11 March 2013

Storing and working my Counterfeit kits

Sometime last month, someone commented on the fact that I have multiple Counterfeit Kit Challenge kits going at the same time (I never ever use up a single kit in a month) and asked me to share my storage solution.

I'm a bit worried that she will be ever so slightly disappointed when she sees the reality but here goes...

I use old pizza boxes from previous kits (at least three years ago now) or more recent online purchases.

I find they work really well for me. They are free, big enough to hold everything - well pretty much anyway, some months are a bit of a squeeze if the kit is big - I can write the name on the front and then cross it out and reuse the box easily, they stack fine and most important of all, they are what I have on hand. When I want to scrap, I look up on the shelf where I can see which kits I still have running and just take it down and use the stuff directly from the box on my table.

If I add stuff in when I am scrapping, this generally get thrown into the box too and there they stay until I decide the kit is finished and the left over bits get sorted, thrown, recycled or put back in my stash.On the rare occasions I leave the house to scrap (once or twice a year), I can just plonk those boxes in a large bag and I have ready-made, put-together products to use. Last weekend, I took three kits with me and used two. It felt good to just go with what I had rather than worrying about having the perfect products with me. But that is much more my philosophy these days - I just make up the pages with what I have and very rarely worry too much about matching the photos to papers or colours. I just make it work :-)

Here is my March kit just after I made it up. You can see that I chose the larger of the boxes I had empty as this is a big kit. Cardstock is generally at the bottom, then papers and alphas with all the embellies tucked up in a bag so that I can rummage as I create.

In an attempt to be a bit organised and can keep track of what I have created with each kit and when pages need to be posted and where, I have come up with a small form for myself that is often also tucked into the box so it's right on hand whenever I create as well as the kit and challenge info we get from the Counterfeit girls. 

All this is right there in the box so whatever kit I pull down to use, there's everything I need.

Now this works for me, but I appreciate that this isn't going to be the way for many of you out there. The main thing is to think about how you go about using your kit. I know that for me, it's never going to be that I have one kit and use it for a month before moving on to the next one. I'd get far too bored that way so having several kits working at the same time gives me the variety I need. And of course, there's all my stash too which I dip into from time to time. I try not to give myself any boundaries. This is my fun time after all. 

So I hope my low-tech, stingy-style storage solution wasn't too disappointing for you and I'd love you to share with me what you do with your kits.


  1. OOh, I love a peep into your crafting world. And that storage system seems just fine! I was chatting with my sister yesterday about her crafting space - and discussing the line between form and function - we want our spaces to look good, BUT also work for us. You seem to have that sorted. Now, can we have a bigger peep into your space?

  2. I think whatever keeps you scrapping is the ideal solution - and you've got that going. And I too vote for a bigger peek into your space.

  3. That's pretty much how I store stuff too. I have a rolling cart for older paper, but all the current stuff sits in pizza boxes just like this

  4. Such a great idea, I just love seeing how others do storage :) and this certainly works

  5. Thanks for sharing! I always love reading how others store their supplies!

  6. Love this method of storing your kits!

  7. Love this peek into your scrapping process - I use clear boxes for mine and love the way that I can grab and scrap!

  8. I love your kit storage! Thanks for sharing! I love that you use what you have on hand and make it work so well. So clever and thrifty. I too would love to see more of your space and storage ideas!

  9. Love your kit storage! Thanks for sharing! I love that you used what you have on hand and make it work so well. So clever and thrifty! I, too, would love to see more of your craft space and storage ideas!

  10. This is exactly how I store stuff too! x

  11. Love it. I have just started doing more kits and I have been storing mine like this too. My ideal scenario would be to use clear iris boxes but I can't get them in NZ and they're too pricey to import really. A tip if you can print photos cheaply is to put a 2x3" or 3x4" photo of the kit on the front of the box so that you can see the 'feel' of the kit straight away.


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