Friday, 8 November 2013

Scrapabilly kit part 3

Thanks for coming back for part 3 of my Scrapabilly kit creations.

I went with a simple set of (imperfect) four cards to use up some paper scraps. Using a design that we had all used on International Cardmaking Day - I don't know who had created the sketch I'm afraid but if anyone knows, I can give them credit.

The original card used spray mists on the background, then three strips of washi tape and the twine with a sentiment on top. This time around, I changed it up a little to use spray mist on two and glitter on another two. Then I used paper strips rather than washi and changed up the sentiment element.

The glitter isn't perfect here as I have misplaced my glue stamp pad and had to improvise with ordinary glue! But I think you can make out some of the snowflakes. Sylvia used this glitter with her new glue stamp pad while I was there in the shop and it was PERFECT! So I would advise you to go with the pad and not go you own way! The glitter is still pretty but not as gorgeous as Sylvia showed me :-)

The glitter stars are from the stunning glitter paper that's available in the shop (here). If you have been looking for great glitter paper that doesn't lose its glitter, is easy to cut, not too thick and is SO gorgeous in real life, this is for you. I have the two shades of gold, the copper, the silver and the white. A.! Go look

And here are two more examples of the cute button flairs that Sylvia designed and made up. These are some from the first batch she made and I promised to point them out to my blog readers. If you love flair as much as I do, you need to check out what she will be producing for sale in the shop. I've already put in my secret order - personalised flair? I've gone to heaven!

These cards came together in a matter of minutes and are great for production line card making. I love a simple design and along with the ones I made on Cardmaking Day, I think I've got 10 now. Perfect.

How are you doing for your Christmas cards now that the season really is just around the corner?

ps. For those of you in my neck of the woods, Sylvia and Scrapabilly are celebrating their 6th Birthday! Come along to her shop and celebrate - check out the special offers here and make sure you congratulate her on having such a wonderful shop. Oh, AND she's adorable too! :-)


  1. How lovely to have cards that came together quite quickly but look stunning

  2. I love these! Such charm but so quick too. Definitely pinning them. Thanks for visiting my part of the Frosty blog hop.


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