Thursday, 12 December 2013

Scrapabilly share #3

Just a quick one today to share the four simple cards I made with my Scrapabilly kit after I had finished my layouts.

A reminder of the gorgeous kit... (find it here)

There were two great sheets of cut apart items although I really was torn to use one side or the other! Sometimes it's clear that one side will be easier or will suit me more than the other but both of these cut apart sheets had great B-sides - the large polka dots and the gorgeously rich woodgrain. In the end, the polka dots lost out over the cute labels and tags and the woodgrain made an appearance as well as the A-side. Are you more of an A-sider or a B-sider? I think I'm right in the middle to be honest but that makes kits a lot of fun as I often have double the possibilities with the papers.

Anyway, here are my cards - as ever, I let the papers do all the work for me...

I added in those tiny alpha stickers for this play on the picture which I thought was so cute! 

The last of the ribbon and of the gorgeous floral paper on this one. I have to admit to adding in two sheets of green card stock to make the bases but I did end up with a full sheet of kit card stock extra (in kraft) which will be added in to the next kit that comes along.

There was a bunch of word strips and I thought it would be fun just to pile them up. The hearts could have been better positioned but never mind!

The background card stock isn't as blue as it looks here and I decided just to let this lovely word art speak for itself. Perfect a little romantic note or a "just to say hi" card to my bestie!

When I make cards, I try to make them simple and easy and not very complex. These were no exception. I ran up all four cards in less than an hour including indecisive time. Now I have a few more "just so" cards to use whenever I need them.

I could have gone on using this kit for a lot longer with the lovely designs and pretty colours. I'm a bit sad to be honest now that it's finished but there's always more paper on the way and Sylvia will always be tempting me with more lovelies so I'll try not to be too sad! Don't forget to check out the rest of the team either in the gallery (here) or their blog links (in the sidebar on the right). You won't be disappointed.

So, three posts in one week..... it's bound to be a bit longer until my next but then again, you never know!

What's on your Christmas list this year? I'm seriously thinking of a "to me" present of a Silhouette (in-joke courtesy of the Paperclipping Round Table last week!). What about you?


  1. These are awfully cute, I can't imagine what you were indecisive about. Nice job on killing that kit.

  2. I would recommend you treat yourself to the silhouette, if only so I get to see just how amazing you are with it

  3. Ich finde die Karte mit den Word Strips eine schöne Idee! :-)

    PS.: Mein Blog-Umbau ist abgeschlossen. Mein Blog ist nun auf der Hauptdomain zu finden!


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