Monday, 20 April 2015

Who's YOUR scrap crush?

A little extra for you today in the form of an extra Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog hop.  Hopefully, you've arrived here from Leslie and after this, it's time to check out Lynnette. The full list is at the end of this post and you can go back to the start of the hop at Bethany's blog.

There's a lot of fun that goes on behind the scenes and from time to time there's an extra team activity that we'd like to share.

The challenge we were given this time is called "Scrap Crush" and goes like this:

  • Choose your scrapbooking celebrity "Scrap Crush"
  • Decide what elements, design features and style you admire so much
  • Create a page using the inspiration from your Scrap Crush
  • Share the layout during the blog hop
  • The "Scrap Crush" will be revealed on the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog tomorrow (Tuesday 21st)
There's a bit of a long story about my "Scrap Crush". 

I have many scrap crushes. 


So I was unsure who to choose. I fixed on one, and then found out that someone else on the team had also chosen them (I have the insider information *wink wink*)!! I then changed my mind and created a layout inspired by someone else, only to find out that this particular scrapper has stopped scrapping! I felt doomed! That's a layout I'll share another time. 

For now, let's move on to my third crush. I wanted to select someone who is different from my own style to challenge myself to incorporate elements into my own page. So I went over to my Pinterest layout board and had a look around. 

And I realised I already knew who I wanted to Crush on, I just hadn't formulated it in my mind. She is so on-trend right now and is über-creative and innovative. So from there I looked at her style and made the following list of impressions I get when I see her pages:
  • long titles - sometimes acting as journalling too
  • colourful
  • detailed
  • feminine
  • dimensional
  • mixes of colours and designs
  • lots of white and bright
  • often uses die cut overlays, backgrounds or shapes
  • stitching
  • tiny photos
  • rainbow
  • elaborate
  • repeating designs
That's a lot of possibilities for me and there's not a lot on that list that is my normal style so I knew this really would be a challenge.

I have several Counterfeit kits on my shelf and looking at the mix of colours and patterns, I chose February's Runaway kit and added in a Cameo goemetric overlay (another story for another day as well - it's been a real comedy of errors today!)

Here's the page I created. Can you tell you I was inspired by?!?  

Leave a comment on this post with your guess for a chance to win. We'll be checking all the comments on all the posts in the hop today for a small prize so make sure you don't miss out. 

This page took me hours and hours to fill all the shapes with small pieces of paper and make sure that they didn't overlap into the next window. The result is actually really interesting and I have to say that I do like the eclectic mix of patterns and colours.

I didn't go for really small photos but had three Instagram shots that told a mini story about the most recent, rather dramatic storm that we had here in Germany and that I thought would work well with the mixed-up background. The photos were strong enough to stand out against all those colours but the whole layout has a windy, scattered, fragmented feel to it which supports the story.

I added in a gold doily to my kit to cover up a little mistake I'd made (part of the longer story previously mentioned) and then used a journalling card with a gold element for my short journalling and which helped to tie in the gold in the rest of the layout.

I noticed that my Scrap Crush still manages to allow the title, journalling and photos to really shine on her layouts even though almost every single layout is chock-full of colour and pattern and detailed, delicate designs. Even though I didn't have an especially long title, I mixed up the fonts to give it more substance against the background and the journalling is on an easy to read white card.

My Scrap Crush often has lots of dimension on her pages with many embellishments almost seeming to fly off her pages but I limited myself to adding a double mat behind the photos including one layer of real veneer which has some depth to it. I also included a few Prima flowers to the two text areas for dimension but also for the feminine feeling that my Scrap Crush has on so many of her beautifully detailed creations.

I mentioned above that this page took me ages to make. I'm a SLOW scrapper but even for me, this was toooooo long! I imagine that when pages take this long to make on a regular basis, my Scrap Crush probably doesn't create that many pages and is very selective about the pages she makes and what stories she tells. Or maybe she's a speed scrapper in private and only showcases these pieces of art in the public arena. This form of slow, (but it must be said, very therapeutic) steady scrapping is not something I can see myself doing very often but it was a very interesting exercise to do and I like the result! It's just not sustainable for me. Something to dip into from time to time perhaps. :-)

Now, don't forget to let me know who you think my Scrap Crush is in the comments and then hop along to Lynnette for more Scrap Crush fun and games. Here's the full list in case you get lost along the way.

Come back again tomorrow to the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog and also here to find out who were all our Crushes and to hear about my fun and games story!!!

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you enjoyed this challenge as much as we did. Why not give it a try yourself?!?


  1. I'm thinking Paige Evans might be your crush! ;)

  2. I can't imagine the hours which must have gone into this! Such an interesting and detailed background ... I am afraid I have no idea as to your Scrap Crush but will be popping back to find out :).

  3. Oh, my goodness! That was a lot of work, but it is STUNNING!

  4. I'm thinking it may be Aly Dosdall.
    Fantastic layout too :) Wow the piece work is fabulous!

  5. I don't even have to look at your Pinterest board! I'm going with Paige Evans!

  6. Ps....LOVE your page by the way!

  7. Paige Evans? I love how she uses cut files and punches. Your layout is gorgeous. The pattern combination is lovely.

  8. Paige Evans for sure!
    one of my favorite too :)

  9. No idea - only because I don't know who anyone is, lol! This is really stunning, though. I can see how it could become tedious - I am imagining that your crush would cut up all of those papers with her machine & then piece it back together. I guess I would do that if I was given product every month & needed to use it up for a DT... not on my radar lol!
    True confession: YOU were my first Scrap Crush. XO

    1. totally agree with Leslie! Signed...Your fan club! xo

  10. I'm going to have to go with Paige Evans too. I would never had been able to guess if you had not included that link to your Pinterest page.

  11. What an ordeal you had with your crush! Your perseverance paid off though with this gorgeous layout. Reminds me of a mosaic. I am clueless as who it could be though!

  12. Wow! and WOW again. I have no idea but love your layout. All I can say is the original person must be patient.

  13. I'm going to guess Paige Evans. The large die cut shape with all the patterned paper beneath it really reminds me of her style. You did an amazing job with your layout (and I was happy to see your signature gold made it to the layout too)!


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