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15 loves {May 2015}

Welcome to the next in the series {15 loves} for 2015 based on the original concept by my beloved friend, Pam, back in January 2013. I shared my loves (mostly late) all through 2014 and now it's time to see if I can continue the series through 2015. I hope you will come back each month to see if there is anything in my list to inspire you. You can see all my {14 loves} {here} and now all my {15 loves} {here}

Another month, another late post! But I was busy showing someone special around my little corner of the world, so I'm sure you can forgive me!

I hope there's something in here to inspire you or maybe just make you smile.


This is the special someone I was showing around! Stephanie from the Counterfeit Kit Challenge team. It was simply wonderful to meet her and her husband in person and introduce her to the delights of Germany. We took in the sights of Cologne and then went up the Rhine to take in a few Schloss!


On Pam's recommendation, I signed up for the Kelly Purkey Sketchbook class over at Studio Calico. I had been a little sceptical about a sketch class but once Pam showed me how the contributors layouts are also turned into sketches, thus providing you with literally dozens of new ideas, as well as seeing how inspirational Kelly is, I was sold. It's proving to be a great class so far and I've already done one or two of the sketches.

There are a lot of circles around at the moment and this one caught my eye. I have a fancy to make a more "messy" layout like this one. I love the colours and of course the stars. 

Corrie Jones at (Pinterest source here)

It may be because we aren't eating that many potatoes right now, but this one made my mouth water - literally. I have no idea what Asiago cheese is or if I can find it here but I will have a look around. I think I need a whole plate of these.

Asiago Potato Stacks at A Family Feast


Of course, the skyline caught my eye as it reminded me of NYC. And there's something about this card that is very NYC. Whatever, I love the simplicity of it and would love to have a go at something similar.


This cup says it all! Ha ha!

Found on GetPersonalEtc at


It's been so much fun over at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge recently with our Scrap Crush challenge and lots of inspiration from InterNational Scrapbook Day. I still love the concept of creating our own kits, adore the girls on the team and love the inspiration over there. If you've not yet counterfeited your own kit and would like to give it a try, why not head over there and get the run down on what to do and how to do it. You can also find a list of our tips for creating and using your own Counterfeit kits here


I am so drawn to Sasha Farina's pages. I adore the detail, the white space, the stitching, the designs. I seem to pin them all the time even though I'm not sure that her style is something I can reproduce! Especially love this one - see, there's those circles again!


Suits is back. Love it. I get to actually have the TV to myself for a whole 90 minutes a week to watch the double episode for Season 4. A treat for me.


Looks like the ideal t-shirt for me. 

I purchased some of this October Afternoon Treasure Map paper collection at Scrapabilly - love the colours, the designs and the travel theme - there but not overwhelming. This particular page grabbed my attention on Pinterest because it was was interesting to see it used for a sports page - just goes to show how versatile it is.


Funny. Yes, that's me. Need to change that.

Words to live by perhaps?


I want to sit here, read a book, sip a cup of tea and take it all in. Some inspiration for my room.


Asparagus season is back! I need to eat as much as I can for the next six weeks while this short season lasts. I could eat it every day. I don't, but I could :-)

Ilove you to share your own {15 loves} lists with me. Why not link up in the comments below?


  1. Well, it would take me quite a while to come up with 15. But for now I will say that I also love Suits and Sasha farina's scrapping. I just pinned a page..made with Treasure Map. Oh, is that another one?!

  2. This is an interesting post - your spunkiness is showing through. I'm a huge Gabriel fan!

  3. Such a fun list - that potato recipe looks yummy and of course, I'm loving CKC now too!


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