Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Forgeries on the Fourth

Over at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge, our inspiration kit by Scrappy Canary included some mini Maya Road kraft envelopes that I decided would be easy to forge given all the printables available online.

I've linked up a few printables and envelope tutorials over at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog today and decided to use the Kraft Paper Gift Card Envelope (link here) to make three for my original kit. You can see them at the bottom of the photo here.

While I love them, they are quite large and a little bulky because I used kraft cardstock. They are sturdy for sure but I'm not certain I will use them on a page.

So I wondered if I could get a bit more creative with the links I'd found and make something rather tiny to use on a page. I really liked the printed designs on those bigger envelopes so wanted to use that in a smaller format.

First off, I tracked down some standard brown wrapping paper and cut out some 8.5x11" sheets. They weren't exactly very flat but I flattened them down as much as I could.

I ran the sheets through the printer using the same printable as in my original kit. I had to tweak the paper through the printer as you can see here.

It looks super wrinkly but I wasn't too worried because I knew I was going to be cutting it right down.

As you can see here, the one print out is a bit smeary but again, I knew that I would be cutting the printed section down and that wouldn't be noticeable.

Then I printed out a template for some really teeny tiny envelopes - this is the Pinterest link here.

Then I used three of the templates and drew round them just inside the printed area of the larger printable. Here they are all folded and glued down.

And just so that you can see how big the original envelopes are compared to the latest mini ones here they all are laid out on a sheet of 12x12! I have to say, that I like both of them and hope to find a way to use them all up at some point - no doubt in different ways.

So there you go. Don't let predefined templates or printable limit how you create something in the style and size you'd prefer! I'm quite chuffed with my results. Let's see how well I manage to use them up!

Don't forget to check out the Counterfeit Kit Challenge today for lots of ideas for forging some of the items from the original kit. I happen to know that Leslie is going to wow you with her creation!!!


  1. Oh my gosh Lisa, these look amazing - I had no idea they had gone through your printer.... this is a technique keeper!!! Love the sketchy feel to the patterns too!


  2. Wow Lisa these look great and all done with the printer :)

  3. Super cute, teeny tiny envelopes! < squee!

  4. These are wonderful! I think my printer would rebel if I tried running anything but thin paper through it but I love how you got the fun patterns on your sheets. Looking forward to seeing how you use them!

  5. Cute envelopes. I made some too using a template I have.The bigger ones will come in handy for journaling or layering.

  6. I am wowed by YOUR creations! These turned out so wonderfully. I wasn't a big fan of the kraft but you've won me over :-)


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