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Counterfeit Kit Challenge October kit reveal blog hop

Welcome October, welcome another month of creative fun at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog and right here with me.

Hopefully, you've landed her from Leslie's blog and she has no doubt wowed you with the contents of her blue box which probably contain a plethora of wonderfully forged items! She really is the Queen of Forgery! I'm right at the end of the hop, so if you've missed anything along the way then head back to the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog and get going from the beginning. You are also not going to want to miss our GD Tina who is a wonderfully creative and prolific follower. We are thrilled to have her on board this month! And of course, we have our wonderful new Master Forgers who are chomping at the bit to get going and I know that they are not going to disappoint. What a great month this is going to be!

Let's get going.

We were given a CSI:Color, Stories, Inspiration file this time around which drove the colour scheme of our kits but no doubt, we have all interpreted it in totally different ways. Here's the "Case":

Here's the inspiration picture a little larger - such a lovely image and so evocative for this time of year.

And here's a close up of the colours. Right up my street.

So, without much ado, here's my October "Woodland" kit

I started off by looking for papers with colours which I thought would go with the colour scheme of the inspiration case. As you can see, I found myself with quite a lot of grey tones which are brightened up by the orange and yellows. the softer olivey green is reflected in a couple of places and a little blue has found its way in there. I recently purchased the paper pack for the original Shimelle Laine collection and quite a few of the papers here are from that which I think will work really well. Those papers are only one sided, so this is definitely a smaller kit than usual.

The yellow sunburst paper (October Afternoon) was in a recent Scrapabilly kit (August kit) I used (see layout here) but I loved it so much that I couldn't resist buying a few more sheets of it! I have an outstanding Whimsical Musings prompt too that might be perfect for it. (Prompt WM#171)

I like that I have a mix of white through to creams featured on the papers which makes it more versatile - I don't mix them up but it's nice to have a choice.

Then of course, I started piling on the embellishments using the Case evidence as a guide for what to include. To recap, the evidence included: leaves, branches, transportation, music, mist, watercolour, heart, metal, fence, string, numbers, scatter something.

Here you can see the transportation covered with the leftovers from a sheet of dimensional stickers by Simple Stories and string and twine in natural, orange and yellow. I need to remind myself to use more of this as I seem to have forgotten it recently.

Then I've included three of my favourite mists - gold, silver and a dusty pale blue. While they don't exactly match the case colour scheme, they went with other items in the kit and of course, I had to include gold somewhere in my kit, didn't I?

I've added veneer hearts and leaves and you can just make out some heart doilies as well as some wonderful orange ones (thanks Kathy!), some washi tape and some flair - covering branches, leaves and travel in their designs!

I've included a whole load of alphas in complementary colours with different sizes and colours. I really need to try and get some of the Thickers finished off so this will hopefully encourage me to do just that. Recently, Julene shared a link to help us use up our alpha sets - you punch in the letters you have and it will generate words that can be made. Originally created for Scrabble, how useful is that for us scrappers? Check it out here.

You can also see some gold leaves that are left over and even though I love them so much and would like to hoard them, I know they will look even better on a page.

For the metal component, I've included some music notes (tick) and some Tim Holtz holder pin things - not sure I've ever used any so maybe this is their time to shine. If not, in the bin they go!

More wooden hearts. And there will be plenty of scattering going on with all that mist and veneer so that's covered too.

Looking at it now, I might be a bit light on the embellishments but for a start, I'm happy and would really like to get this kit made up into pages. LOAD (Scrap Happy members only) starts today so maybe that's really a possibility to use up this kit within the month.

Thanks for coming along today - it's always a lovely way to start the month. I have quite a few outstanding blog posts so I'll try to be a bit more active - let's see how that works out for me :-) Do let me know you were here. Such a thrill to hear from you.

As I said at the beginning, I'm right at the end of the hop this month so here's the list in case you got lost along the way. Make sure you catch up on all the hoppers today because of course, there are some new faces!


  1. Oh nicely compiled, Lisa. This looks to have a bit of modern edge to it to me. And what font is that lovely Woodland written in?

  2. Your beautiful kits never disappoint. I would be so happy to receive them through the post each and every month. (You should start a kit club.) There's some lovely elements in there that I can't wait to see on your layouts!

    Also loving that, with two or three times the amount of embellishments in my own kit, you think you're running a little 'light' ;)

  3. Woah, that's a delicious colourway. And right up my street too :). You are going to be making some wonderful October pages with all this soft gorgeousness.

  4. What a perfect match to the color inspiration - this is such a beautiful kit! That blue typewriter paper is especially lovely. Your embellishments are spot on too. Those doilies and gold leaves - wow! (And I firmly believe that gold goes with anything!)

  5. Pretty kit! I especially love that yellow sunray paper and all those gorgeous embellishments. Well done Lisa.

  6. Perfect name to go with that beautiful kit you pulled :) Thank you for such a fun cute reflection of me :) I do have fun creating from my own stash fun kits with your fun blog :) It's one of my favorite spots on the blog world :) om my the gold leaves I can see why you would want to hoard them, but agree they would look better on a layout :) I hope to see lots of fun with this kit on the LOAD flicker group too :)

  7. A beautiful, modern mix with your subtle grey and vibrant yellow and orange! Your doilies are gorgeous too! I know that you are going to come up with some showstopper pages with this kit! Looking forward to it!

  8. WOW - (almost) no pink! Love the embellies you've chosen - so many cute bits 'n' bobs.

  9. Love your title and can picture myself taking a walk in the woods and hearing the leaves crunching below my feet. The inclusion of the wood veneers and bark hearts (wink wink) are perfect for your nature inspired kit. xoxo

  10. But where is the pink? And yes, have been missing your twine, as of late. The scrabble word finder is the bomb for eeking that last word or two from a set of alphas. Thanks for the reminder.
    Will be watching for your posts. Happy LOADing!

  11. what a delightful kit. I love your well thought out choices for your add ons. I am excited to see what you create.

  12. Not at all what I expected you to make this month, but gorgeous! Love those wood hearts!

  13. So pretty! Love all the hearts and leaves!

  14. Pretty kit, love the wood veneer leaf shapes. Looking forward to your projects this month.
    Cindy F

  15. I spy a few things from my kit & more still in my stash that may sneak in thanks to you inspiration! As always, a wonderful presentation of a smashing ly beautiful kit!

  16. What a gorgeous kit Lisa, I am loving all the mists and the wood veneer. Looking forward to seeing your creations this month, they're sure to inspire!


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