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16 loves {April 2016}

Welcome to the next in the series {16 loves} for 2016.

For the last few years, I've been sharing my loves each month - a little bit of everything that has caught my eye or been enjoyed over the last month. So, a new year and new inspiration. I hope you will come back each month to see if there is anything in my list to inspire you. 

To see what's inspired me in the past, click to find all my {13 loves}, my {14 loves}, my {15 loves} and my {16 loves}.

I hope there's something in here to inspire you or maybe just make you smile.


One of the things I miss most about the UK is the wonderful BBC so I'm very happy to have the chance to download literally dozens and dozens of podcasts each week to keep me in touch with the great programmes available on BBC Radio 4. This documentary presented by German comedian Henning When (link here to listen) "This Is Me Totally Sausage" is one of the funniest views of the difference between the British (and their language) and other cultures and languages I've heard in a long time and goes a long way to describe why we are "different". It's something I've recommended to my students who are getting to grips with the language and the culture. I laughed out loud several times as I recognised several British-ims that I use with my own German husband. No wonder people can't understand us!

PS. This is me totally sausage makes perfect sense in German - ha ha!


I know I say this every month, but this salad is a must for me to try in the next 30 days.

Love this layout by Magda Mizera for My Mind's Eye. All those neutrals with the hint of yellow is so appealing. 

Magda Mizera for My Mind's Eye 


I went back to the UK for a few days over Easter and dropped in on beautiful Cambridge. When I lived there, I didn't have a camera nor did I do any sight seeing whatsoever so I took the chance to grab a few shots to remind myself of just how lovely it is. Of course, the friends I caught up with while I were there were more important but I have a terrible memory right now and forgot to take photos - yes, I dare to call myself a scrapbooker!


And I stopped by my wonderful schoolfriend Geraldine who runs Gerry's Cakes - amazing!. She rustled up some cupcakes for me and R which were delicious. Once again, I have photos of cakes but not of the two of us :-(


But I didn't forget to capture my gorgeous nephew and cheeky niece...


And my beautiful niece... I miss them all so much.


Next up, I headed "up north" to meet fellow Counterfeit friends Jemma and Lesley. It was simply wonderful to meet them both and cement our online friendship in real life. Hope to do it again sometime soon.


Jemma gave me a cute selection of eyelets so that I can complete Whimsical Musings prompt WM#203 which features eyelets. Now I just have to get them onto a page. If only there were time to do more scrapbooking!



Even though I tried to get all 4 of my siblings into one photo, I failed miserably and had to content myself with my two handsome brothers who make me feel both small and old! It was so lovely to see them and spend a little time with them. Hope to get all five of us in a photo next time.


English niece #3 was horribly camera and aunty shy this time around so I will leave you with two photos of sweet niece #4 who doesn't have any choice but cuddle up with Aunty L and have her photo taken


This might be my favourite. 


There's somethng about the bold border, the stitching and the layers on this layout which I adore. Another one for me to think about lifting. 

Pinterest source here


I was delighted to see my layout featured on the cover of the Simple Scrapper membership magazine, Spark this month! What an honour. It's a fabulous Creative Team to work for and a really super membership to be a part of. You can find out more about the many resources and inspiration - including the sketches and story starters I use each month - available to encourage you to create beautiful pages and tell meaningful stories in a supportive, communicative community environment, at Simple Scrapper here.


Happy mail this week thanks to sweet Susan over at Little Things Big Days. I had been admiring all her confetti layouts and look at the delicious goodies she popped in the post for me. My scrapbooking friends are really fabulous and I truly treasure each and every one.


Sometimes I just need to remember this.

Pinterest source here

Ilove you to share your own {16 loves} lists with me. Why not link up in the comments below?

{16 loves} is a series that will feature on my blog each 16th of the month


  1. I always enjoy these posts, Lisa, and glad you had such a lovely time back in the UK - how brilliant to get to meet some scrap friends for real! So many delightfully happy photos here.

  2. How wonderful that you were able to visit with your family and friends (those cupcakes look delicious). And I was excited to see that I made the list - yay!

  3. Another 16 reasons you are such a good list maker! Niece #4 is a doll-baby. It looks to have been a fabulous trip.

  4. I think perhaps #5 & #13 are perfect for each other, tell me more about you & Cambridge, and I'm off to listen to the BBC. Thanks for sharing!
    PS - Had to laugh at the no people photos outings - I, too, am quite guilty of that as of late!


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