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17 loves {January 2017}

Welcome to 2017 and to my continuing series which now moves on to {17 loves} for 2017.

For the last few years, I've been sharing my loves each month - a little bit of everything that has caught my eye or what's been enjoyed over the last month. So, a new year and new inspiration. I hope you will come back each month to see if there is anything in my list to inspire you. It would be so great to see you join in - why not share your own loves?

To see what's inspired me in the past, click to find all my {13 loves}my {14 loves}, my {15 loves}, my {16 loves} and now my 
{17 loves}.

I hope there's something in here to inspire you or maybe just make you smile.

This first month of the year is mostly about me and my Christmas travels but there's a hint of craft in there. I'm hoping that I'll have more "external" inspiration next month!


We do a family Secret Santa in my German family and each year I get creative making some tags for the presents. Over the years, they've got a bit more detailed and I try to make them early so that I'm not rushing. This year's featured the super cute Crate Paper mason jar embellishments filled with tiny elements - they looked great.


We had an alternative Christmas this year. We travelled around Germany and into the Czech Republic to Prague from 23rd December to 1st January. Christmas was all around us but we didn't celebrate it specifically. It was wonderfully relaxing and stress-free and we enjoyed every minute of it. Our first stop was Nürnberg with its famous Christkindlesmarkt which is the original Christmas market. It was very pretty and I'm really happy to have ticked this market off my list.


Next stop on Christmas Eve was Prague where we'd booked an apartment which proved a real find. A fabulously large living area with a lounging area, fully functioning modern kitchen (not that it got much use!) and a balcony with a great view over Wenceslas Square. It was cosy and relaxing and we loved our few days here.


You know how much I love astrology and star signs so I was delighted to see this beautiful astronomical clock which is the oldest in the world. I loved seeing that my own sign (and my ascending) was right there on the sun ecliptic.  I found myself drawn to this view each time we crossed the square.


We ventured up to the castle on Boxing Day and the sun came out to greet us. The view across the city was impressive even if the queues to get into the castle (hundreds of metres long!) prevented us from seeing inside. It was a lovely introduction to this beautiful city.


Next up was the German city of Leipzig and we worked our way around the main sights including the simply beautiful St Nikolas church with this stunning ceiling. I was rather taken by the detail but mostly by the wonderful colours and leafy column tops.


And then on to St Thomas church which is famous for the boys choir of St Thomas church. It is also well-known for being the church where Bach worked as musical director. 


Our last stop was the state capital of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Schwerin. The highlight is the stunning Schwerin Palace which is the home for the state government but is also open to the public for an insight into palace life. I love places like this and no photo can do it justice. But the sun shone down on us on this cold, cold date and sparkled off the gold features on the roof making a perfect day.


We enjoyed a delicious dinner on New Year's Eve and saw in the new year in a quiet way - hopefully setting up how we'd like to see 2017.


Tiffany always knows what to say.


I feel positive about what the new year will bring.


A new year and a new month means new kit inspiration over at The Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog. I went a little rogue to be honest with my kit, Starman. But I adore it, which of course is a nod to the anniversary of losing my hero David Bowie one year ago. This will be a stunning kit to use.


My word for the year is Shine. I made a page and will write up my journalling sometime in January to talk about how I wish to shine a little more in 2017 - it's about how I'd like to present myself a little more positively in the future.


I received this gorgeous gift in the post which brought a broad smile to my face. Perfectly me and  perfect to capture a few thoughts during the year. Thanks to my wonderful friend, Lynnette :-) 


I was sad on 10th January - the anniversary of David Bowie's death - and looked back at some of the layouts I've made about my love for him. I might need an album.


It's been cold which I love as it's a great excuse for a bubble bath. Our bath is a little long for this short girl but I love it all the same.


Me, at the beginning of the year. I have some big things to come in 2017 and I'm hoping to rise to the challenge.

Ilove you to share your own {17 loves} lists with me. You could link up in the comments below or set up your own series.

{17 loves} is a series that will feature on my blog each 17th of the month


  1. Wishing lots of joy and exciting times with 'shine': your floral page really showcases how you do already :). And thank-you for the lovely photos of different parts of Germany and Prague - that astronomical clock is a work of art.

  2. Another fun set of snapshots! And I am rooting you on in those big things to come in 2017!

  3. I love it when you do these and do you know what! I just may join in xx

  4. Well now I'm feeling a little envious of your travels. It feels such a long time since I was last heading somewhere new (or even different.)

    I have itchy feet now! Perhaps I need some bubble bath? :)


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