Saturday, 4 November 2017

Forgery on the Fourth - November 2017

It seems that all my attempts at Forgeries on the Fourth are very often rather hit and miss and this month was no exception!

I decided I wanted to make my own cork embellishments because those featured in the inspiration Citrus Twist kit were so lovely and I certainly don't have anything like that in my stash.

The cork elements here on the left are really very pretty!

So I started off by finding some cork tags in my stash and collected together some supplies to have a go at my own. A few stamps from my very limited collection and I wondered about paint, ink or even embossing.

To begin with I tried stamping with paint. Er, not so good! Paint too thick? Stamp too delicate? User error? Probably all three to be honest and not a complete disaster but maybe there is a better way.

I fished out a sheet of thin cork and die cut a whole bunch of circles in different sizes. I know that I can use these on my pages just as they are as I've done this before and I really like the effect but I wanted to give stamping and embossing a go.

I have a white Stamping' Up ink pad and I have to say that this was totally unsuccessful - there really was nothing to see. Back to the drawing board again. My embossing pad was not really wet enough and that proved to be a big problem and again, I had no luck.

So I got myself an embossing pad refill and added some to my pad. This gave a nice wet stamp onto the cork and the embossing powder stuck nicely to it.

I embossed some in white and really liked the effect - not really a perfect finish but I found that I liked it as it seems to match the rougher surface of the cork.

I decided to try some other embossing powders and there is definitely a difference depending on which one you used. A no-name pink powder didn't show up at all, and a gold powder was too coarse. The copper was the best by far and it also helped that I used a more solid design stamp which turned out really well.

So now I have a small pile of decorated and non decorated dots to sprinkle on my layouts!

What will you make for your own kit this month? I do hope that you share your makes with us. You can do this by using the Link-Up page here on the blog, posting in the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Facebook Community Group or on Instagram (find us @counterfeitchallenge and share with #counterfeitchallenge ).

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  1. Fantastic idea and your learning curve with this was interesting as well.


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