Friday, 25 July 2008

I think I want to share!

I have been having so much FUN over the last three weeks on the latest BPS class, Have More Fun with Stacy Julian. I am keeping up with the assignments which is an absolute first for me - (ok, if I'm honest, there is one that I have not done so far, but I will get around to it. Somehow it did not speak to me as much as the other ones.) Over three weeks there have been a total of 14 assignments and I have done 12 of them - I am SO pleased with myself!

Yesterday's is one of the larger projects and I need to give it more thought and I might need to go out and get some supplies in. Still thinking!

We have done some great, silly things with our pages and have not been thinking so much about everything which has made them fast - some of them were complete in under 30 minutes! Others such as "Baby Sister" or "Meant to be Together" of course took longer but you can see why when you look at them! And I have only been using scraps. I think I have not broken into a piece of new paper (except cardstock) for any of them which also makes me feel productive and therefore, re-energised.

In effect, FEELING GOOD!

I have already posted the mini book I created for Cam and the 12 on 12 layout but here are the other 10 projects:
Engineer Creek Divas
3 x Trouble
Mini album with photos of the Yukon
Mad Maddie

Baby Sister

Meant To Be Together

This is today's assignment and I feel I should explain - it's on acetate but it won't lay flat because it was rolled up so the picture looks a bit strange - and it's a double sided layout hence the second picture below! (As for the story: Well done Libby!!!)

Cover Story

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  1. loveeee the baby sister one, and the one with all the litle hearts! i want all those butterflies!! xxx


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