Saturday, 4 October 2008

Can't Believe My Eyes!

I honestly cannot believe that it has been more than TWO months since I last updated the blog. What must you think of me? And there I was doing so well and then silence for so long. No excuses although I have to confess to having a crazy time over the summer with family visits (baby brother for three weeks and then the Chance family for five days) which are always great, a visit from my best friend, holidays, two trips to the UK including my baby sister's 18th birthday party and various scrapping challenges!

So where do I start?

Ok. How about with the Bellaboo stuff over the last couple of months? If you have not already checked out the monthly kits that I work on, well pop over to the site (here) and check out the kits for September and October here. I'm sorry to have to tell you that you missed a couple of FAB kits for July and August but September was a dream to work with and October was right down my street with hints of Autumn, texture and memories of home. I will put a few sneak peeks for my October projects below but check out the gallery here and then order your kit here!

Unfortunately, I have to admit to falling off the Big Picture Scrapbooking "Have More Fun" class after such a good start but I am slowly working through the outstanding projects and have made inroads into the daily project for September which I hope to be able to post later in the month.

I think these two projects have not yet been posted and I have to say, the layout was a lot more fun than I thought it would be and I like the fact that it includes small items that have special meaning to me - ideas are represented by certain items! And as for the mini-album, well this is great and I have just finished a second one with the October Bellaboo kit (see above). This is Stacy Julian's take on completing a "photo album scrapbook" quickly and easily to get a whole load of photos "dealt" with to allow you to focus on the important stories you want to tell on your scrapbook pages - such a great idea and so easy. Uses up lots of photos and product and you get such a sense of achievement. Great!

Mmmm, what else?

Well, yesterday I managed to catch up with my 12 of 12 project - I was missing Aguust and September althought I had at least managed to take the photos! Thanks to Susan's reminder! So here they are ...

And of course, there was the infamous Bellaboo Birthday Bash which you can read all about in the October newsletter here! We had a total blast and it was so worth the effort of going over to be part of it - I enjoyed every second of it and participated in three classes by the delightful Cleo which were great fun. I managed to finish the canvas on the day which I was so proud of (featuring me and Ted at Crange Kirmes - a local famous funfair). The other two projects are half done and I really want to find time to get them done over the next week or so! It was just so much fun and you HAVE to be there next year!!!

I am sure that I am forgetting something but that will have to do for now!

What have you been up to?

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  1. Anonymous9:11 am

    love all your bits and pieces here, your canvas is fab - must get mine finished. Love your black and white paper there, what is it??? the close-up pics show some gorgeous detail on your october stuff :)


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