Monday, 6 October 2008

Working my way through outstanding projects!

When Libby came over to Germany in the Summer, she brought one of Cleo's wonderful kit projects. She had bought one for herself too and thought it would be fun for us to have a go at the same kit - Nostalgia. She even got mum to sort out some photos of the two of us when we were little. That gave us a giggle I can tell you! All those "fashionable" 70's brown knit jumpers, long socks and sandals and rather dubioius haircuts to name just a few! Of course, we did not have enough time to get them finished while she was here but we started them and then went our separate ways. Libby managed to finish hers weeks ago (blog entry here), and I kept thinking about it but no action!

Well, on Saturday I made myself a list of just those projects that I can remember that need to be finished off or made. I was quite shocked at coming up with 12 items which does even not include those ideas that I have that I would like to do but haven't got around to yet. No, that is just half-completed projects or outstanding class projects that I can think about (am sure the list is really double as long!) So, I sat down and got going again with the Nostalgia kit!

It's lovely of course. A great folded mini-book that opens out to reveal all sorts of treasures! and space for hournalling too which is always a bonus. I did not look at Libby's finished book so I do not know how similar mine is to hers which will be interesting when we really check each other's out. I had such fun doing it, even if I ended up with craft knife injuries on both index fingers and my leg (don't ask!), paint and glue everywhere and chaos in my workroom. It's all done and another thing off the list - check!

OMG - I just checked out Libby's blog to get the link to her project and she called hers Childhood too!!!!! I swear, after the first time I looked at this entry, I did not sneak another peek! I must have had it in my subconscious! Too weird! And just goes to show, I am not as original as I thought! But I still love it! (Oh yes, I actually did copy Libby's button stacking that I heard her talking about when I was over - also not original of me!!! )

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  1. Anonymous7:05 pm

    thats gorgeous. really lovely, like it more than mine :(!!!! seems you have taken more care over it than me, but then, you do!!! glad you liked it :)


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