Monday, 30 March 2009

Making me smile today

are these beautiful daffodils. Warms my heart and brings a smile to my lips.

Celebrating spring and bringing a little sunshine to a dreary Monday!

In the creative department, I have been working through the second assignment for a journaling class in an effort to improve those layouts where the story is more important than the design. Many of these never make it "out" of my room but I like this one and think that it's a nice story that can be shared.

We in my family all miss my grandad. One of the most wonderful, loving men you could hope to meet. I think we have probably all missed him every single day of the last 19 years but we have many wonderful, happy memories of him so I don't want to sound maudlin. I was honoured to spend a day with him on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express on an afternoon's meander through the Kent countryside.

I am trying to improve my writing style and this assignment was about showing the audience details of the day rather than just telling the story. I think I have a way to go but am satisfied with this so far.

This is the journaling:
Do you know what was one of the best birthday presents I ever got? I don’t think you’ll be surprised to know that it was the one I shared with you. You know the one I mean. Our Christmas trip on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express. Mum bought it for the two of us for my 21st birthday and your 71st.

I remember that we were both pretty excited and I was thrilled to be having this adventure with you. You looked so smart and handsome in your beige suit with your pink silk tie. A really very handsome man, and I was proud to be at your side.

We arrived at the platform and there was a small jazz band playing a welcome tune for us. This was just your type of thing and I knew then that the day would be good. The train was beautiful. Brown and glossy like rich milk chocolate with warm vanilla contrast. You could glimpse through the windows at the charm within – beautifully set tables including fresh flowers. It was like stepping back in time, to a time of glamour and elegance.

We got on board and I caught my breath. This was nothing like any train I had ever been in before! There were plush, comfortable armchairs on each side of the tables that had been set with crisp white linen tablecloths, silver cutlery, and crystal glasses. There were curtains at the windows and the wooden interior was decorated with decorative panels of intricately designed wooden marquetry. There was even a specially designed carpet on the floor. It felt wonderfully decadent and we looked at each other with wonder.

The train travelled through Kent, all the way to the coast and the white cliffs of Dover. We looked out of the window from time to time, watching the December countryside slip by, catching sight of the plumes of steam coming from the locomotive, feeling the jig, jig, jig of the train wheels on the tracks and every now and again, the traditional whistle would remind us that we were on a rather special journey. The gentle rhythm of the movement of the train, the clackerty-clack of the rails, the swaying of the carriage from side to side, the sound of the steam puffing out of the engine at the front, the slowing down as we approached small stations and then speeding up in between. All of this added to the tempo of our day, soothing us with the rhythmic sounds and movements, and time slipped by far too quickly.

The menu was extensive with many delicious courses all served silver service by our carriage’s personal waiter. To be honest, we got a little tipsy and a little bit giggly! We asked the couple on the next table to take our photo and they were thrilled to find out that Grandfather and Granddaughter could have so much fun together. I have just discovered their names on the inside of the menu – Peter and Phyllis Coleman! Do you remember signing their menu? I don’t!

On the normal train going back to Birmingham at the end of the day, I seem to remember being a bit silly together due to the alcohol! We were laughing like children but I think we had moments of clarity when we discussed serious things together. The day was over all too quickly and of course, time has a way of wiping away the fine details of such an occasion.

But this day comes to mind very often as a day of special fun. A day when we connected. A day when we got to know each other a little better as adults, as real people. A day that could never be repeated. A day that has remained in my heart. I may have forgotten some of the details but this one thing I know – I still miss you: every single day

Keep smiling, it will be weekend again before we know it!

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  1. Anonymous9:47 am

    love the LO and love the journaling, sounds like a fab day, how lucky :)


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