Saturday, 21 March 2009

Welcome back spring!

It's official! Spring is now more than 24 hours old and I know that we are ALL happy to see it!

We have had the most glorious spring weather over the last couple of days - driving open top for the first time in the year, coffee outside on the market square and even an ice-cream in the sunshine.

Don't get me wrong, I was not willing spring to come or cursing the weather every 5 minutes! I knew it would come in its own time and that when it did, it would be lovely. The more rain we have just before it warms up, the greener everywhere will be. But I was getting a bit fed up over the last few weeks of other people moaning and complaining about the bad weather! It started to get me down. I love weather (I'm British after all!) and most of the time, have no problem with bad weather but honestly, the whingeing was really getting to me! So at least, everyone is feeling a bit happier!

The trees are covered in buds and the flowers are coming out all across the city - it's a lovely time of year. My camera has been doing double time - will have to share some soon.

I have had a bit of a lull in productivity over the last 10 days after my incredible output featured in my last posts (!) but completed this layout this evening as part of a journaling class I am doing at the moment. Journaling first, writing directly to the audience.

I have a complete album all about our incredible holiday in Ingonish but have not featured the story of how we ended up booking it - I was planning a "real" beach holiday in the sun but we ended up in NS! Typical of us really!

The photo is not so good so apologies for that but I took the photo here on my desk this evening.

I know that I have some layouts I created way back last year that have not been featured here so I might try to fish out some photos to post those while I am on a bit of a lull in the current work. (Libby - watch out for those, you will love a couple of them!)

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