Sunday, 7 February 2010

LOAD update

Day 7 and still going strong. Next week could be tough though - there is more going on. I might have to follow through on the planning a little more.

But for now:

February 5th

The journalling is difficult to read but I drew the connection between what we did at the Botanics as children, right down to Libby's children who do exactly the same! The smell and feel of the hothouse, throwing a penny into the fountain and rolling down the hill! I can smell how that hothouse smells - even sitting here at my desk.

February 6th

Title pretty much sums it up but I have to say, it was FANTASTIC! And I love finding ways of using up loads of photos on one layout, telling a story and even using up stash that hasn't been touched yet - all at the same time!

February 7th

This one is about Joe and how he used to growl like a dog when he was a baby. So we had a baby who thought he was a dog and a dog who thought she was a baby. Funny! Not sure about the "busy"ness of the layout but again, old stash being used up can only be a good thing! Those "woof" stickers are years old and the pack hadn't even been opened. 

Watch this space for more...


  1. Anonymous9:35 pm

    fab los, i'm impressed! am i meant to be doing the thing on the post below>>>

  2. I'm impressed that your keeping up with the LO a day challenge and your LO's are great.Thanks for the tag I will have a go at it.

  3. Hi Lisa, Love your pages. That cosmo cricket camping line is my all time favourite paper. I liked your post about Cadburys, couldn't agree with you more. We are so sad, Kraft are going to balls it up - no doubt. In America now until Easter, they sell Cadburys mini eggs, creme eggs and the caramel ones. I have eaten a ton already and have stocked up. You just can't beat Cadburys chocolate!! Have a great week. Tara xxx


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