Sunday, 29 April 2012

Mini card kit - Noted

I decided to really go to town this month and also create a mini card kit but keeping to the wonderfully bright and happy colours of my main kit, Blossom.

I raided my cardstock box and decided to make up a whole pile of note cards in various colours - mostly 6x4 although some are slightly larger and some are slightly smaller depending on what fell into my hands right at that moment. The main thing in that they all fit into a standard German "normal" sized envelope to keep it within normal postal costs.

Then I rummaged through my scrap paper boxes and grabbed some vibrant pieces in yellow, green, red, pink, multi and whatever else caught my eye. I was determined this was going to be rainbow bright.

After that, I picked out some neglected stickers and flatter embellishments that I no longer want to use on layouts but that I still like and might be suitable for cards.

Last but not least, I looked online for some card sketches and printed them all out. This is a huge mini kit but I knew that I just wanted to run off a selection of small note cards which would be quick to make but with plenty of room to write a few lines and ultimately pretty to receive. I'm an old-fashioned hand letter writer!

And this is the result! 28, yes 28 note cards! Most of them have a super simple style and feature whatever flat embellishments fitted the space I had and just a word sticker, rub ons or some old Love Elsie epoxy stickers to give a general sentiment rather than anything specific. These are really generic little notes and I love how they turned out.

I used the Sketch Support card sketch # 12 for these (see sketches at the end of the post):

Here I just punched out a huge pile of 3cm squares and attached them to an A4 sheet of paper to make a patchwork look. Then I simply cut the sheet into quarters and attached it to my notecards. So cute!

And the sweet banner card sketch # 13 from Sketch Support proved so quick and easy using up the tiniest scraps that I ended up making a whole bunch of them!

Here are the three sketches I used. If you haven't checked out Sketch Support before, I highly recommend it. There is some wonderful inspiration over there and they have a whole selection of single and double page layouts as well as an array of card sketches. Ideal for someone like me.

Why not try some mini notelets of your own - it's an ideal way to use up your scraps and make someone happy in the post!


  1. so many and they are all so beautiful! great job!

  2. WOW - you have been a busy girl! Where do you find the time???? I love the notelets - that patchwork idea is my fave.

  3. I'm not usually a card maker but I love this idea! All three styles are so sweet!

  4. WONDERFUL! What terrific groups of cards! Now you have me thinking that I should add some card making to my plans for NSD this weekend. I don't think to use card sketches, but I am going to print the ones you suggested. Thanks for the inspiration!


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