Saturday, 22 September 2012

Finding inspiration...

.... everywhere.

That's such an important part of my scrapbooking which is just one of the reasons I LOVE CKC so much. They really get my brain whirring with their mini-challenges. What at first looks a bit difficult or maybe something that doesn't grab me right away, often turns into one of my favourites. 

Mini challenge #2 is just such a challenge.

I first looked at the "be inspired by a character in a favourite TV show or book" and had no idea which direction to take. 

And then I let it stew. And stew. And stew. And sure enough, it came to me. And I have created a page I love. Oh joy!

I am a huge Gone With The Wind fan. It's my favourite book and by far my favourite film. And so I let that be my starting point. Scarlet O'Hara to be precise. I thought about what words or feelings I came up with when I read the book (many many times over the years!) and decided on soft, feminine, layers, petticoats, lace, ribbons, pretty earring, wonderful homes, old-fashioned and antique and went from there.

Looking at the kits I have left out now that all the rest of my stash is packed away, I realised that I still have a lot of pretty product left in my June kit, Subtlety and decided to go with that one.

I started with cream and built up layers and die-cut edges, and pretty things and ribbon, and doily and generally just anything that seemed to fit. I created the whole page before going to my photos and looking for something that spoke to me. 

This photo caught my eye and I decided to just write down what I had thought when I took that photo for a prompt.

This was a fast page for me and #6 from that kit. And I love how it came out.

Don't you love it when that happens?!?

So what character will you be inspired by? Don't forget to share over at the CKC site's Mr Linky (here).


  1. i really like this. it is soft and sweet and feminine. It reminds me of a layout you did a long time ago about the actual book. Or did I imagine that? Anyway, beautiful work and tickled pink that it was fast :)

  2. You have created such a pretty delicate page I love it I love the ring too, beautiful

  3. That you chose Scarlet "I've got me a dress to make!" O'Hara as your inspiration is no surprise. Do you remember (did you ever see) the Carol Burnett spoof of that scene? Carol decends the staircase wearing the green velvet dress still on the curtain rod. (the rod extends on either side of her sholders) Rhett compliments her dress and she feigns disinterest and says, "Oh just a little something I saw hanging in the window." That's gotta be 35-40 years ago. Remembering it still cracks me up.

  4. Oh and the lo is lovely. Especially like the bit of film stip, tie in, to the inspiration.

  5. This is such a beautiful layout! I love all the gorgeous little details. =)

  6. So, we were both inspired by books made into films? I absolutely adore your page, it's a beauty! x


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