Sunday, 4 November 2012

Trying to sprint to the finish line

I've been a bad Jingler these last months and now I'm paying for it!

I had a target of a minimum of 60 Christmas cards ready made by November by joining in on the Jingle Belles challenge and I was almost there. Then life got in the way and here we are at the beginning of November with only 54 cards made and lots of super Jingle prompts missed.

So I'm determined to try and catch up a bit and run off a few cards. Starting with the current prompt #23 using this lovely sketch by Allison Fillo.

Sketch by Allison Fillo

I really liked the sketch and got to work on it straight away but I have to admit to always having more problems with card sketches than layout sketches. Perhaps because there is less room for interpretation as the size is so much smaller.

Anyway, I stretched my card making muscles with this one first...

And then stayed truer to the sketch with this one...

Another two cards hit the pile and I'm back with the Jingle gals!

Nice to be back :-)  I promise to try to stay "back"!


  1. oh HOORAY! lisa's back! and for the record, there's NO SUCH THING as a bad jingler... but we are always happy to see your lovely work! and these two beauties are certainly no exception, you are still ROCKIN' the xmas cards for sure! welcome back, missus!!! <3

  2. I adore those colors ... and I agree with Lauren ... all jinglers are good jinglers ... every card you make is one card closer to taking back December ... so glad you found time to stretch those creative card making muscles and join us at Jingle Belles this week.


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