Thursday, 21 February 2013

13 loves {February 2013}

Here are my 13 loves for February. 


Thai Mango Salad found on Veggie Wedgie {here}

New food. Now that I have a new kitchen, I have big plans to get back to cooking and being a bit more foodie. I might even dust the cobwebs off one or two of my huge collection of cookery books. This caught my eye on Pinterest but the blog it came from looks amazing. I really want to give this Thai Mango Salad a try - it sounds/looks like heaven on a plate.


One of the best photos ever. I was lucky enough to go home for a few days and caught up with all of my three English nieces and my growing-up-way-too-fast nephew (and way too cool to spend time with boring old me :-) Yes, I've officially become old). It was wonderful to have some time with this little one who of course is developing at quite a speed but still has no idea whatsoever of who I am! But she is adorable and much loved by everyone. Can't wait to see her again.


Guess Glensia shoes. Pinterest credits {here}

High heels. Shoes and handbags are my two shopping weaknesses. Not that I indulge that often but I could! Love these. The colour is super and the gold trim is perfect. I haven't managed to track them down on any German sites yet but I have my eyes open.


Free printables originally found on Pinterest but the blog link can be found {here}
Printables. Wouldn't these be fun on a layout, in a mini book or even in my new Project Life that arrived recently but I haven't found the time yet to start? I think they are adorable. I really appreciate how generous the creative blogging community is.


Skyfall by Adele on iTunes {here}

New music (to me). I love Adele. I love Daniel Craig. I love James Bond. Totally perfect combination. I could listen to this song over and over and over again. I haven't managed to track the film down in English yet but I'll get to see it sooner or later. I so hope she wins the Oscar.


Red roses. While it's not true that nothing says I love you like red roses, it's certainly pretty nice to get a token of love on Valentine's Day. Especially when you are sitting at home, feeling sorry for yourself, alone! As ever, I received beautiful, thoughtful flowers. There's a story here that I've shared before but the number of roses is significant. I love that we have these little traditions.


Mint Satchel by Harvey's {here}

A must-have handbag. I had never heard of seatbelt handbags {Harvey's here} before but when I saw a layout highlighting a recent seatbelt handbag purchase, my interest was piqued and I had to have a look. I have a bit of a *thing* for handbags so when I saw this one, I knew I was on to something. I have to say that I could really fancy one of these. And in my colour of the moment.


Christine Middlecamp's blog Retrospection
Crafty inspiration. One of my scrap crushes, the über-talented Christine Middlecamp created these adorable bags for Valentine's Day and inspired one of my recent Whimsical Musings prompts. I dream of creating as incredibly as her.


Girlie time. This little girl is quite simply adorable. Almost 9, she has turned into just the most lovely young lady. I took her out birthday shopping alone for the first time and she picked out two very fashionable, stylish outfits for herself. It was good to spend some one on one time and I was happy to have had this opportunity on my short visit home. Next time, I'll make time for one of the other two.

Crate Paper {here}

Pretty paper. I wish I owned more Crate Paper. I really ought to track down a good online shop here in Germany which sells it. I love almost everything they bring out but this Maggie Holmes collection is just stunning. I certainly *need* this in my collection. Every. Single. Piece. Of. It. :-)


Sparkly lights. Our new dining table light. This is the first time we've had a light over the dining table for 10 years and three flats, so I'm delighted we found one we are both so happy with. I'm getting a few more for other corners of our new home.


Pinterest credits {here}
Pastel nail varnish (with pretty nails of course). I am a chewer. It's terrible. I have horrible nails and fingers from this dreadful habit but every now and again, I get myself under control and then I love to paint my nails. This colour (and I know Pam would disagree with me that this is a colour at all!) - Bubble Bath, by OPI - is just my kind of thing. Adding to my shopping list. Also just saw on their site that they have a "Germany" range which is full of fun names for the gorgeously rich colours. Will be checking those out for sure. Watch this space.


Making Snow Angels. Can you believe that I have never - and I mean NEVER - made a snow angel? Maybe we just didn't do that kind of thing when I was little. Anyway, we had quite a lot of snow (for us) this year and unfortunately, though I tried three times to make a snowman, it was the wrong sort of snow and just wouldn't stick together. So the next best thing was to throw myself down and play.

This is a series started by my delightful friend Pam and I really enjoyed thinking about what I love right now to put this post together. Thank heavens for Pinterest (follow me @LisaInRe).

What are your 13 loves today?


  1. I've loved reading these, and truly loved each one of them, and I'm the same... Never made as now angel lol

  2. A lucky thirteen! A very enjoyable post Lisa (and what a baby picture! so cute)

  3. Great list Lisa. You will be scrapping that baby photo, I trust. And I'll have to scope out a suitable shade of that nail polish to match the new lipstick that you enabled me to buy last month. This blog series is turning out to be dangerously expensive for me! (But please don't stop.)

  4. Another great thirteen! Love the baby photo, and your girlie time. I finally saw Skyfall on DVD this week, feels like I'm one of about three people in the UK that hadn't seen it yet!


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