Thursday, 28 February 2013

Forger Fun

Welcome to the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Forgers blog hop. Now you should have arrived here via Julie's blog (here) but if you are here directly, you can start the blog hop back at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog (here).

I know I've shared before about the fun that goes on behind the scenes with the Counterfeit Kit Challenge team. There are a few optional, extra activities each year that we can choose to join in on and then share with you all, but they are usually so much fun that I end up signing on for them all.

This time around, Rebecca linked us up to the blog Grace Is Overrated owned by Christie Zimmer whose focus is to help readers with their journalling. Christie graciously (excuse the pun) allowed us all to use these sheets for our team activity and to share them here with you. Rebecca selected two of the journalling prompt sheets for us to check out and fill in and the idea was to be inspired by them create a page. We could use the page as a starting point or even as part of the design of our page.

The two were:

I chose the former and filled it in late one evening in bed, hence the slightly skewed answers! I had bed brain and couldn't for the life of me think of one serious news story that I should list! I had just come back from the UK so the meat controversy was the nearest I got! Please don't judge me by my flakey answers....  But I tried not to double guess myself and just write down the first thing that came to mind - mostly about tidying up and sleeping - ha ha

Journalling page design credit - Christie Zimmer at Grace Is Overrated 

I decided to use the sheet as a story starter and the cup of tea jumped out at me as something so important to me (especially being a Brit!) and features in lots of my photos but I don't think I've done a page about it before. Now was the time.

I used my November CKC kit, Dempster. LO#8

See that film strip washi tape? Love this new purchase and sly addition to my kit for this layout

Oh yes, my tea is just perfect. Can't get through the day without it. I buy it in bulk in the UK and bring it back with me so I don't get caught short here without my preferred brew!

Looking back at the journalling sheet, I can see at least a dozen other stories that could be told. What a great starting point for those days when you know you want to create but can't quite decide on what - and a great way to use up some of those bizarre random photos that I take all the time. It took me about five minutes to come up with at least half a dozen tea photos for example.

Please make sure you take some time to pop over to Christie's blog and check out the wonderful array of journalling (more than 50 I think) sheets she has for you to download and use.

Thanks for stopping by. Next up is the wonderful Lisa J. So off you go all the way down under and check out what delights she has in store. We all took such different directions for this exercise, you are sure to pick up some great ideas along the way.

If you get lost, here is the complete blog list:

Lisa H. ← me
Lisa J   ← go here next

What's your go to drink to kick start your day?


  1. Fantastic page Lisa and I love how the prompts led you to tell that story. That washi tape is awesome.

  2. Love all the layering and the story

  3. I had so many stories to choose from, too - thanks for sharing your journaling. I love your page - all the layering, and the journaling at the top and bottom. I shall pin it for future scraplifting :).

  4. Love all the layers and splatters! The photo is a great subject, too!

  5. ok, already been and downloaded the sheet you used - let's see where it takes me. And that washi tape is gorgeous

  6. Just gorgeous, love all the layers ... So much interest

  7. Hi Lisa - I love the connection between your journal prompt answers and your lovely page dedicated to tea. It's amazing how all of the connections come together between the best parts of your day and your photos and your art. Thank you so much for sharing them all. (Also: Canada as your best vacation spot! Yay!)

  8. I love all your fun layers (and yes, the filmstrip washi!) I'm always adding things to my kit too.

  9. great journal page. My bed-room is probably the only room that's tidy at that time of the day - I make the bed before I get in it.

    Brilliant page about tea, great photo cropping too.


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