Tuesday, 21 May 2013

13 loves {May 2013}

Here I am again with my list of what I'm loving right now as part of Pam's 13 loves series.


Pinterest find (here)

Considering I am someone who doesn't have nice fingers (I'm a nibbler) or nails, I fall in love with a lot of nail varnishes. This rose gold is one for the summer that's on my wish list.


Counterfeit Kit Challenge (here)

I've been playing along with LOAD513 this month and thank heavens for my Counterfeit Kit Challenge kits. Love that I have a pile of ready made mix and match products that are ready to go whenever I want to scrap. The Counterfeit Kit Challenge is an awesome idea and I'm thrilled to be part of the team. It makes me happy.


Pinterest find (here)

Another bag that caught my eye - as if I need another bag. Ha ha!


iTunes (here)

Downloaded this recently and love it. I don't buy a lot of music but when I do, I listen to it over and over again.


Pinterest find (here)

I am determined to use my sewing machine on more than just paper. This inspiration found on Pinterest might be the push I need. I would love to wear this skirt.


Asparagus season is here - at last. Which means to eat as much of the stuff as you can before the season is over. Scrummy. 


Pinterest find (here)

Still on the lookout for colour combinations. Possibly a bit too much colour for us but I do love it.


Visitors from home means sightseeing around the corner of Germany I call home. I've been to this mining museum about 6 times and yet, I still love it and find it so interesting to see the history of something so important to the history of the area. Helps to have a silly photo.


Pinterst find (here)

Did someone see me directly before writing this??


Another sign of warmer weather is the beginning of the summer cocktail season.  Looking forward to finding out what the cocktail of 2013 will be.


Jamie Warren at BasicGrey (here)

*sigh* This is just such a gorgeous page. I need to lift this.


Amanda Catherine Des Esty shop (here)

Always on the lookout for cool and pretty gifts. These will be on order before long.


A happy new trolly full of happy new products. More of my favourite shopping location next month :-)

13 loves is a series started off by my inspirational best friend Pam over at Daily Pamage. I'm sure she had a more eventful month than me so be sure to pop by and see what delights she has to offer.


  1. No.2 and No.7 and I would swap No.10 for Pimms :)

  2. I so enjoy these posts Lisa - and I share your love for pink - whether nail polish, lipstick (I have some of that Dior now!), shoes, handbags (that one rocks) or layouts (I will be pinning that one!) Unfortunately, I also have the bruises to prove that my hips don't have a friendly relationship with much of my furniture either - it just won't get out of the way.

  3. I really chuckled at 9! I might just have to jot this down! And rose gold is such a pretty name and shade ... Thank you for all of these!

  4. i love that you are still following along with these. this is a great list. love the teals and corals and pinks. so hot right now. I would wear that skirt too.


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