Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Scrapabilly Scrapping

I'm late sharing. No excuses, just late!

This month's Scrapabilly kit is still available on the site (here) and is full of lovely autumnal colours and designs from Kaisercraft but versatile enough to make non autumn kits as you will see from my creations and those of the other design team members (make sure you take the time to check out the gallery here)

There's that word again, versatile. I think I've used it every month so far when describing these kits that Sylvia puts together. When I first look at them, I always have a strong feeling about what the kit is all about. Then as I start to use it, I find that there's so much more in it. Yes, I add a few bits and pieces in there such as small embellies, alphas or the odd sheet of neutral cardstock but really, not that much. And the kit ends up creating pages that are so much more than just one theme.

And I love that.

So, I've made four layouts so far and here are the first two and I'll share the next two tomorrow.

This was the first layout I made which was inspired by the coffee stain printed on that gorgeous spotted paper (might have to get another sheet of that!) and also a Two Peas Garden Girls layout by Corrie Jones (here). I just used the bottom of a cup dipped into mist to form the rings and love the look.

This layout highlights my terrible habit of NEVER finishing a cup of tea. I only ever seem to drink 1/3 to 1/2 the cup. And recently I've noticed this is now moving on to all other drinks I have. I don't leave so much, but the cup or glass is rarely empty! It's really a bad habit.

This is the first of two autumn layouts that I made with the kit and also for LOAD1013 that I'm currently in the middle of. The prompt was about stitching and in my wisdom, I decided that I should hand-stitch the grid. What a mistake - it took me hours! I ran out of embroidery thread, didn't have the right colours, got wonky lines! You name it, it happened. But the end result was worth it and I really like the result even though I ended up tweaking it a little the next day to what you see here. I scraplifted myself (here) but ended up filling all the squares with something.

Just a few photos of the amazing leaves we saw in Nova Scotia. Wonderful days.

The colours and designs of the papers are so pretty and small enough to really go down in size of the paper blocks while not losing the details. They'd also be great for cards which I will be doing with the scraps.

So come back tomorrow and see the next two pages from my kit and please share one of your own bad habits! Make me feel better about mine....


  1. Beautiful LO's Lisa. Especially love the second one with all the hand stitching, must have taken you a while to do it but the effect is stunning.

    Hope you are keeping well

  2. You just seem to do it right :) I adore the unfinished drink one, especially the lettering. Oh looking forward to seeing the others :)

  3. These are both beautifully done ... Stitching the grid is visually so pretty and then filling in the squares differently is just lovely. I hooted at the tea one because I am just the same - there are always half-drunk cups of tea scattered around!


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