Sunday, 20 October 2013

There's a lot of sharing going on!

I've been busy in the background these last weeks with lots of scrapping and kit work but there's not a lot of sharing. Somehow I can manage the scrapping but not the blogging!

But I'm slap bang in the middle of the Scrap Happy members LOAD this month and have been creating every day. *Happy Dance*

I've said it before, but combining daily scrapping with kits, be they purchased or my Counterfeit Kit Challenge kits, is the perfect combination. The grab and create concept works so well for me when creating with a deadline. I've used my Scrapabilly kit (shared a few days ago here and here) for two of the days, finished off my August kits on one day and then used my Stargazer (October) kit for 9 of the days! Only 6 days have been with general stash. It takes away a lot of the decisions which can slow you down and more often than not, I even create the page before going to find photos to match the story I want to tell.

Anyway, cutting a long story short, I have linked up a few of my CKC pages through the CKC Flickr group (here) but I thought I'd do a couple of sharing posts here on my blog - I really want to show off my October Stargazer kit which has produced 10 pages already and is definitely up there in my top three kits - evah!

LOAD Day4 - inspired by 1920s American Industrial Design (typewriter)



I adore this paper and definitely need to track down another piece as a single rather than in a paper pack. Gorgeous.

LOAD Day8 - inspired by letter/message to someone

I did two versions of this layout amending the letter under the vellum to a silver pen rather than a harsher black pen. I love using vellum to give a glimpse into what is behind but still keeping things private

LOAD Day12

There have been a few additions to this kit along the way - some gorgeous gold glitter paper, some gold thread and cardstock and then from page to page, I've added in a few little embellies. No rules, right? :-)

What have you been scrapping recently?


  1. Beautiful LO's and love the colour palette of this kit

  2. I have enjoyed looking at all of these, and admiring your journalling whether 'typewritten' or handwritten - you have a lovely script!

  3. So many pretty layouts and wonderful inspiration here. You always do some beautiful work.

  4. Seeing all that golden goodness in a row makes me *swoon*! Haven't jumped on that bandwagon yet but you've made me drool, lol - as always, I'm awed & inspired by your work <3

  5. However you do it, you always do it brilliantly Lisa :) x

  6. Anonymous1:29 pm

    You have been busy and they are all beautiful.

  7. These are all brilliant! Love the touches of gold.


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