Thursday, 26 June 2014

Killing Counterfeit kits (in a positive way)!

I haven't been managing a lot of blogging over the last few months but during May you might remember that I was busy creating daily pages for LOAD.

I started the month with 6 Counterfeit kits on my shelf. Some of them were huge, some already quite well plundered but all needing using up and finishing off! Throughout the month, I managed to create 34 layouts, of which 27 were created using those kits. I killed all of them and even started using up my June kit. That is a whole lot of older (and some newer) stash used up and given new life rather than just sitting around waiting to be loved.

So, I thought I'd share a little - maybe a handful of layouts at a time so that I don't spam your blogger reader!

My oldest kit was Passport, from way back in September. It had been a huge kit and I have no idea why, but it was just not as successful as I had hoped. I still have a layout somewhere needing to be finished off (??) but I did manage to pull together one last layout before I decided to retire the kit. It only provided me four pages which was very surprising for me but sometimes, you just have to recognise when the products are not working for you.

The LOAD prompt for this day was "On The Phone" so I decided to create a layout about my time in the Philippines when I worked for Globe Telecom. I found a photo with nothing much going on and just wrote some of the details of what I can see in the picture - clues about my life at that time. I love making these types of layouts as I know these are the little things that get lost over the years. Already so many details are gone so I want to try and get as much as possible noted down before my terrible memory takes over!

Passport kit, layout #4

Then there was the the February additional mini kit, Nostalgic which featured a lot of much older product. I had already made two layouts and a set of cards when I first made up my kit and during February LOAD, so I was happy to manage one more and then break up the scraps back into my stash. For a little mini page kit, I think three layouts is a good number. The layout was made for the prompt "Puppy Love" and I decided to take it literally with a page about our most beloved puppy shortly after she came home to live with us. 

Nostalic kit, layout #3

And last but not least for this post, was my wonderful kit, Tender, also created in February. This last page was layout # 13 which is really a pretty good quantity for me even if I always knew it was a huge kit! But it just went on and on making the most incredible combinations. I loved it from the first page to the last.

I hope that my very good school friend doesn't mind me posting this layout here but I think it's just such a fun photo and brings back so many happy memories of this last day of school. We signed each other's shirts, took silly photos and laughed and cried together knowing that some of our friends were moving on and that we would never be this complete group again. And like I say in the title, I have NO idea why I might have been carrying her. :-)

Tender kit, layout #13

Three layouts, three kits.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: LOAD without kits just isn't going to work for me. In fact, to be honest, I can hardly remember the last time I scrapped any page without a kit. How about you?


  1. Great that you are killing those kits slowly but surely and beautifully!

  2. I always admire how you scrapbook the snippets of memory and the details - and your are msking me think about ways of pulling these together for myself. The colours of your tender kit are lovely with that fun photo!

  3. I agree with Alexa, the colours in the last layout are lovely

  4. You always do it just right. I laughed at the no idea one

  5. You do give new life to old product in your kits. Kudos on the kills.

  6. Love all the layering, fun layouts too. I love your journaling right o the 6 X 6 paper, Great job on killing the kits :)

  7. Still no idea why!


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