Saturday, 27 December 2014

14 loves {December 2014}

Welcome to the next in the series {14 loves} for 2014 based on the original concept by my beloved friend, Pam, back in January 2013. I enjoyed sharing my loves so much through the year that I decided I needed to continue through 2014. I hope you will come back each month to see if there is anything in my list to inspire you. You can find previous posts  {here}

I hope there's something in here to inspire you or maybe just make you smile.

Where does the time go? I seem to have missed December in the blink of an eye and the 14th with it! But here's my {14 loves} - better late than never!


My November birthday is usually pretty grey and even miserable sometimes. But 2014 brought beautiful blue skies and a gloriously sunny, mild, happy day.


Our Advent wreath featured the colour of the year - gold! What a surprise. 



We found the largest bunch of mistletoe I think I've ever had the pleasure of kissing under! A birthday kiss for a Christmas feeling.


A visit from my bestie over my birthday weekend brought a visit to one of my local favourites - Cologne Cathedral. Breathtaking every time I visit.


And just in time for said visit from said bestie, we finally sorted out my room and now I have a wonderful corner of our new home for time pottering around with paper and glitter.


After a mix up with my order from A Flair For Buttons (on my part, I must add!), I decided to order another set of 12. I thought they'd be great additions for my NYC mini-kit. Sweet Shelley also added in a set of JUST released buttons too for me. Look at all these sweet buttons. They will look so great on pages as soon as I get around to some creating.


I was delighted to be invited to be part of the Scrapabilly Advent gift swap and decided to dust off the cameo for some eye catching title numbers for my bags! I love this glitter paper, I love the cameo, I love these number words. Love, love, love!


A special birthday card picked out just for me from my MIL. Perfect.


Look at all this Advent scrumminess. What do you get when you bring 7 crafty ladies tougher for the Scrapabilly Advent gift swap? 24 creative packages in perfectly matching on-trend colours! 


I decided to jump on board to the Instagram photo list below created by the daughter of a very good friend. It was a lot of fun to get creative each day (some were a real challenge for me!) and take snippets of my life in December.


A St Nikolaus gift turned my car into Rudolph! Loved seeing that nose as I was driving around and all the funny looks I got.


My weekly trip to Scrapabilly adds bits to my stash each week!


The Essen Christmas market was such a treat. I think it gets prettier each year. 


A perfect birthday present from the very wonderful Sylvia from Scrapabilly. This collection had been on my list since I saw the sneaks way back. So happy to have it in my possession at last!

 So that was my month. :-) What have you been loving this month?

I'm going to try to get my September list up on the blog before the end of the year (yes, I know that's just a few days!) and hope to be continuing my loves into 2015. 

Id love you to share your own {14 loves} lists with me. Why not link up in the comments below? And why not join me in 2015 for a new series of {15 loves}. It would be great to have some company!


  1. So glad you'll be carrying this on Lisa, I love reading your 14 loves.
    Great car and that corner of the room looks so workable. The flair is gorgeous and that pic of you under the mistletoe looks like you've only just met :)

  2. What a lovely mistletoe photo :). And your craft room looks so fresh and inviting and organised ... I missed not getting to a German market this year - that one looks very pretty. Wishing al good things for 2015.


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