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15 loves {March 2015}

Welcome to the next in the series {15 loves} for 2015 based on the original concept by my beloved friend, Pam, back in January 2013. I shared my loves (mostly late) all through 2014 and now it's time to see if I can continue the series through 2015. I hope you will come back each month to see if there is anything in my list to inspire you. You can see all my {14 loves} {here} and now all my {15 loves} {here}

I hope there's something in here to inspire you or maybe just make you smile.

Woo hoo! On time for once. Let's see what I'm loving at the moment! I have to warn you that it's every so slightly New York heavy. ;-)


Yay! Shimelle is back. I was thrilled to see her posting every day this week along with two new video series. This layout came from her Cut, Stick, Stamp video this week and then there's another, As It Happens. She's been gone nearly a year and I think there was a collective "Yes" from around the world to see her back online again with her sweet style full of layers and whimsy.


A sweet reunion. So happy to see this girl again and get to spend some quality time with her. Our itinerary was significantly lighter than last time which gave us more time to just chat and be together. This girl is awesome. So happy to know her.


I made Pam do Top of the Rock ... again... while I was there. I just "needed" to see that NYC view once more. It was cold up there and Pam only managed a few minutes outside. But that was just long enough for her to organise me with light and a good selfie. This view is one I will never forget!


And then on the way out Pam spotted this book. A sign!


There was a lot of food to be eaten while we were there. I mean a lot! And it was all delicious. But on our last day together, we travelled around the world with Cuban brunch and English afternoon tea at the Crosby Street Hotel. Tea, sandwiches, mini cakes and scones with cream and jam, topped off with champagne. We must have sat there for hours and just took it all in while chatting about life, love and everything!


Ok, let me share one non-NYC love now, just to prevent from you getting overloaded and me getting too boring!

These Winnie the Pooh pocket page cards are just adorable. And I really intend to get going with my PL since I saw that Charly (in the Scrapabilly crop group and my "adopted" Scrap Baby sister!) is up-to-date with hers! The competition starts here! I can't let her win now can I? Which reminds me of a little NYC story *wink* I saw the original Pooh and friends at the New York Public Library. No doubt that snippet will make it onto one of my NYC layouts or my PL pockets - these cards will no doubt be part of that!

You can find these Winnie the Pooh cards here at One Velvet Morning which is über-full of amazing freebie cards. 


Back to New York. She makes me happy. We got to scrap together, in the same room, at the same time! What an experience. She had bought us both the same Studio Calico kit so we could see how each of us worked with it. I was in awe of how easy Pam made being creative with pen, paint and ink look. I found myself just watching her put her pages together and felt a bit like a beginner! I'd never have thought it would have been possible for us to create together in this way and I will treasure the memory.


Pam had warned me it was cold and it was. But mostly, I could deal with it. Except this evening on Times Square when I thought my fingers were going to break off within two minutes of taking off the mitten part of my gloves to capture a few shots. At -15° or so, it was shockingly bitter but for me, it was all part of the fun!


When I visited NYC last year, we didn't manage to meet up with Lynnette, but we were determined to make up for that this time around. And it was a highlight. What a simply wonderful person she is. Sweet, genuine, kind and just lovely. We had a great day together and got on as if we'd all been friends for years - which of course, we have! This photo is one of my favourites of the whole trip. The three of us together. Fabulous!


When you get photobombed, you just have to hope that it's by someone as wonderful as this! We were on the High Line and this stained glass wall is a highlight photo opportunity. But this photo is priceless!


I'm not a shopper, it's a well-known fact. But when in Soho, what's a girl to do? I just went in to take a peek - honest! But I came out with a beautiful pink bag ... oh, ok, and a matching clutch/wallet! It's very me and maybe I'll feature it next month. At the moment, it's so precious that I just stroke it rather than taking it out!


I brought home more than one precious new item. This stunning cushion now has pride of place in my room. A thoughtful, perfect present from sweet Lynnette. I've already scrapped it so check out my Scrapabilly kit shares next week for my February kit to see the details. Thanks Lynnette, it's beautiful. And our friendship means so much to me.


I said that this trip was full of delicious food and it certainly was! We went from one cafe or restaurant to the next and I enjoyed each bite. Shortly before the trip, Pam suggested I downloaded Kelly Purkey's new travel workshop for NYC - Destination Documented. It comes with top recommendations for places to visit, where you should eat, what photo opportunities there are and much much more. It was great. There were a lot of insider tips included and we realised that we'd already done several and, during this trip we ticked off a few more. On my last morning, I travelled across town to another of the top Kelly recommendations - a Salty Pimp at the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop. It was worth the journey and even worth the rather ugly, unladylike photo of my big, open mouth! Kelly will be featuring a different city each month and I highly recommend checking the workshop out. No wonder she is Pam's favourite!


My last view of the city made me sad, but happy to be going home with so many happy memories of good times, spent with someone so very special. Thanks Pam, thanks New York. It was swell! Hope to see you again before too long!


So true. I got plenty of this during my time in New York - lots and lots of laughs with Pam, and good, deep sleep due to the fresh, cold air and the literally kilometres that we walked all over town! 

Ilove you to share your own {15 loves} lists with me. Why not link up in the comments below?


  1. That cushion is absolutely stunning. What a gift!

  2. 15 kinds of fun - that was quite the trip!

  3. How fun to make your "loves"! You are a lovely woman, Miss Lisa! So honored to have had the chance to spend the day with you. Grinning at the screen as I can see how much you love your gift. One always hopes a gift is going to be appreciated...I think I truly know you LOVE your pillow. Makes me so happy. xoxo


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