Monday, 1 June 2015

Counterfeit Kit Challenge June kit reveal blog hop

Welcome to a fresh new month of creative endeavours and another Counterfeit Kit Challenge share to inspire and delight!

Hopefully you're joining me today via Leslie's blog and her infamous and spectacular Blue Box but if not, you can start at the start of the hop back at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog and hop on from there. When you've had as much as you can take here :-) then carry on over to Lynnette for the show stealing kit presentation she's sure to have. Love my L sandwich! The full list can be found at the end of the post.

Don't forget to head over to our wonderful Guest Designer Emma too who will amaze you with her kit skills - and she's only been Counterfeiting for a few months! This girl is prolific so I'm sure she has an incredible kit to share.

We've been shaking things up recently, and this month is no different. We were given a current manufacturer's collection to forge - but not just one. We were asked to pick one of the 8 recent BasicGrey collections and make it our own.

Now, you KNOW how much I love BG so the only thing that was hard for me was picking which one. And I was surprised to find that I actually only had one of the selection already - Aurora. You can find all the collections in question here at the Basic Grey site under the "What's New?" tab. The list is: Barista, South Pacific, Tea Garden, Prism, Adrift, J'Adore, Vivienne, Aurora.

I ummmed and ahhhhhed about which one to pick - Barista was in the lead for quite some time but in the end, went with Prism because I thought it matched a lot of my recent purchases and we all know that the name of the game is to get those papers getting used up. I bought them so I love them so I should use them and not just gaze lovingly at them. I've created a CKC June Prism Pinterest board with all the papers and elements of the collection here. If I get time later on, I'll add all the papers I've used in my counterfeit kit as there's a lot to take in with 18 designs and lots of paper/veneer based embellishments.

Here's a look at Prism.

And now let me show you Spectrum

Shall we break it down a little to show where all that stuff came from? Yes, it's another mega-kit for June. Wish me luck in using it all up - maybe by the end of the year!

Here's the paper selection laid out in almost the same way as the original paper pack at the top.

I ended up with 18 papers as I matched both a and b sides of the original. This is what I did to tie up papers:

  1. BG Medallion a-side pink on pink / Me Echo Park Sweet Girl Lace Damask
  2. BG Medallion b-side white background/coloured triangles / Me Webster's Pages #Happy Story Teller Card II
  3. BG Aztec a-side white background with triangle dots / Me Studio Tekturek One Way Ticket #07
  4. BG Aztec b-side mustard on mustard / Me Simple Stories Vintage Bliss Yellow Grid
  5. BG Pyramid a-side white background with triangles in diamonds blue/green/grey / Me October Afternoon Treasure Map Shipwreck Coast
  6. BG Pyramid b-side black / Me Webster's Pages #Happy Jazzed
  7. BG Weave a-side orange on orange / Me Echo Park Capture Life Arrows
  8. BG Weave b-side multi-coloured chequers / Me October Afternoon Treasure Map Moaning Cavern
  9. BG Petals a-side flowers on black background / Me Webster's Pages #Happy Good Stuff
  10. BG Petals b-side pink on pink / Me October Afternoon Treasure Map Skull Rock
  11. BG Spoke a-side blue on blue / Me Echo Park Capture Life Fave Places
  12. BG Spoke b-side blue/green diamond floral / Me Webster's Pages #Happy True Blue
  13. BG Beaded a-side mustard on mustard / Me Pink Paislee Atlas Compass
  14. BG Beaded b-side white background with threaded diamonds blue/yellow/pink etc / Me Echo Park Capture Life Chevrons
  15. BG Quilt a-side black background with random line pattern / Me Basic Grey Aurora Lynx
  16. BG Quilt b-side black/blue/pink/yellow triangle zig zag / Me October Afternoon Treasure Map Dead Man's Pass
  17. BG Mod a-side pink/yellow flowers / Me Echo Park Sweet Girl Journalling Cards
  18. BG Mod b-side yellow/green circles on white background / Me Scrapperin 31 Wintertage #4
Phew, that's a lot of papers considering every single one is double sided.

Then I added in some alphas and embellishments which matched the original collection. 

Behind two sheets of vellum here, you can see several alphas, both large and small to copy the large 12x12 alpha sheet in the original - in black, yellow, pink, aqua, mustard - all colours which will match my papers.

There are some die cut labels which I hope to decorate to mirror the kraft labels in the Prism collection (and some flair just for good measure)

And some veneer shapes with lasered designs

Prism has a pack of die-cut shapes so I used my Cameo to cut some gold and white cardstock shapes which seemed to fit the style of the papers - geometrics, ampersands, feathers, sunbursts etc

Those two Valentine postcards were freebies for a shop - I think they are perfect here

Some fabric frames are also in this die-cut category for me.

And then I just layered up some more embellies to make sure this mega-kit is bigger than ever...

Some journalling cards in both 6x4 and 3x4

Some washi-tapes and star enamels

Some extra veneers and a speech bubble clip

And a few tiny paper bags

So let's finish off with a few more detail shots in case you haven't seen enough...

And one last shot of the full kit to sign off

In real life, I feel this is quite a good match for the original Prism collection and was a very interesting exercise! I love BG so much but can't always justify getting every new release. This just proves once again that we all have stash that can be used to replicate kits that work for us.

It would be lovely to hear your thoughts on my kit (and how many layouts do you think I'll manage to produce with this enormous collection of stash) and now don't forget to hop on to see Lynnette. I had a sneak of her kit the other day, and it's another winner.

Here's the full list in case you get lost along the way.


  1. If your mojo served you exceptionally well this month, I think that you could almost do a layout a day -- that is if you used some cardstock. I am loving the flairs and veneers the most. I'd love to play with your kit. Maybe CKC should do a kit swap like in Guy's Grocery Games on TV sometime?! Great Counterfeit!

  2. You've got some lovely bits and pieces there

  3. Love it - I've got a bad case of flair envy. Enjoy!

  4. Awesome kit, love to read about your process to put it together!

  5. You have pulled together and amazing kit. Love all the colors in your kit and all the added embellies. Can't wait to be inspired by your pages.

  6. Such a cheerful, happy kit. Good on you for getting the paper details into a reference list. I find that the times that I omit that, someone invariably asks, "What is that paper, you used?" Mega kit, for sure. It is sure to put a dent in the photo stack you draw from. I am putting my marker on 15 layouts, before you say the kit is done.

  7. Oh, swoon - again...
    I just want to wade into this knee deep & splash around!
    (You reminded me in your description that I have the 12x12 alpha sheet but forgot to mention it in my reveal.)
    Loved your diecuts - I have a few up my sleeve for the forgery tut!

  8. What a great kit pulling from both sides of the paper to make your kit.
    Cindy F

  9. OH WOW that is mega fun! OMword what a cool kit you put together! You ladies have stepped up your game all I've seen so far is freaking fantastic inspiration! Great job getting the cameo out too and getting some fantastic die cuts made :) Oh MY.................

  10. Wow! It sure is a mega kit. Thanks for taking us through the thought process. You do such a good job of breaking it down with a pinterest board and then building it back up from your own stash. Lately, I've really been going with my gut and a bit of inspiration. The pops of sunny yellow (as in the sun burst) are so much fun. Great take on the name, too. You will be busy with this kit! Have fun!

  11. That is definitely a gorgeous mega-kit! I was tempted by Barista as well but decided on another one in the end because I wanted a bright, more colorful kit.
    I really enjoyed your detailed list of the papers to get an idea of how you matched up your selections. I'm sure you'll be able to make quite a few pages from all this loveliness!

  12. oh my goodness!! I want to come and play in your kit!!!! Its just gorgeous! What a great idea to start with a pinterest board!! Hmmmn, got to think about that for sure. Barista sticks in my mind too, but anything can happen when the stash is brought out!

  13. And I thought I made MEGA kits. This one takes the cake! But it is gorgeous on many levels. I like your cameo frames.

  14. Great kit contents. I love how you explained how you pulled your papers together, choosing both a and b sides. The colours of your kit are beautiful, makes me want to buy one the same LOL. I'm not sure how many LOs you usually make, but I would think you could get at least nine, if not more. I can't recall if you mentioned you had c/s, but if you do, then you could almost double the LOs to 18.


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