Wednesday, 24 June 2015

June Counterfeit Kit Challenge member blog hop

Happy 24th June.

Hopefully, you're here for the June Counterfeit Kit Challenge member blog hop and are raring to go hopping. I'm first today, so when you're done, go on over to Tina who is sure to make you smile with her creation. She is all about the happy :-)

This month, we were asked to be inspired by these challenges:
Challenge #1:  Patterned Die Cuts: Use only PATTERNED PAPER to create a layered die cut for your project
Challenge #2:  Transportation Challenge: Have something transportation related on your project
Challenge #3:  One side or the other: Focus on only ONE side of your project (either one...we don't have a preference) and keep the rest white space
Additionally, I was inspired by Stephanie's design on the CKC challenge post so I went with #3 - One side or the other.

I used to be known as The Queen of No White Space and managed to totally fill my pages with papers and embellishments. While they looked great, used up loads of stash and made me happy, they are so very bulky in my albums - as I'm finding out right now in my layout sorting process - that I found myself using less on my page and therefore finding the joy of white space.

First off, let me show you what I made using my June Counterfeit kit, Spectrum.

June Counterfeit kit, Spectrum lo #1

I actually wanted to incorporate challenges two and three and also include some sort of transportation. But I didn't have anything suitable in my kit and then couldn't decided on a photo.  In the end, I settled for just the white space option and scrapped a photo from our recent trip to Vienna where top of the food list was Sacher Torte from Hotel Sacher. It was delicious.

Loved using the gold Silhouette cut here and finding a way to incorporate it into my title.

I've just noticed two spelling mistakes in "Sacher" up there, so as soon as I've finished writing this, I'll be making that correction!

Another take away from my "layout-into-album-sorting" experience is that I often repeat information on more than one layout or even copy the same information without realising. This comes from the fact that I usually scrap in a non-chronological manner and don't know/remember what I've already scrapped. In fact, I've been known to scrap exactly the same layout, even using the same title without realising until I find the second one by co-incidence. This really jumped out to me while I was going through my layouts and putting them into order for my albums. So, as a learning point, I know that I will make more than one layout about the Vienna trip so I don't need all the details of why we were there or what else we did on every one. That's the reason this layout just talks about the Torte experience and nothing else. I feel liberated in my scrapping through this organisational process. It makes me happy to see these points and then make small changes in the way I scrap.

Ok, so my "white space" has some misting splats which isn't exactly clear of anything but I think it still counts, right?

Keeping it simple was fun and created a page that will fit right into my Vienna story.

Next up is Tina and the full list is here in case you get lost along the way.

Happy hopping and we'd love to see you joining in over at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge. Find out how you can get involved here, here and some tips and tricks here.



  1. mmmm looks delicious :) I love how you took on this challenge and I think it more than qualifies (a bit better qualifier than what mine is on the same challenge :) hmm I have that same trouble with my layouts to as to scrapping the same thing as I didn't realize I already scrapped it, will be figuring out a way not to do it anymore :) I do like your theory of only telling the one little bit of story as you will be doing more layouts of the same trip that is a great tip :)

  2. That's definitely a peril of non chronological scrapping: I've found that too! I've been known to tell the same story twice..

    I love the colours on your page..perfect for making my mouth water

  3. That looks delicious! And a yummy page to match! I love the splatters, too!

  4. Beautiful page Lisa! The color combination is wonderful - I really like that blue washi to the left of the photo. And the torte looks delicious - my mouth is watering!
    I agree with your comments about sorting layouts. I know that I have scrapped photos/experiences more than once and am looking forward to seeing what else I learn when I finally start that project.

  5. oh yes, the splatter definitely works the white space perfectly! This is gorgeous Lisa!! Always a fan!!

  6. Cute layout. Love the color combination and the piece of cake awesome.
    Cindy F

  7. Such a beautiful layout! I loved the misting in the white space!

  8. from one previous Queen of No White Space to another, HURRAY!! Love the layout and the titling, makes me wanna grab some dessert!

  9. I see the influence of Pam colors here :) I am enjoying your blog discussions lately & the evolution of your scrappy style. I can't help but miss the "old Lisa" a wee bit, though ♡ Also, I never knew the origin of a Sacher Torte!

    1. ^^ ya^^ what she said^^
      I guess I shall have to pick up the torch and crown; carrying forward as Queen of the over embellished pages. And here I had be wondering what the new "go to" item/style was going to be, for you. Sigh, I never imagined it would be "minamalize"

  10. Yum! Sacher Torte is one of my favourites. I like your half and half page very much. I'm glad I'm not the only one who scraps the same thing more than once and repeats the journaling.

  11. Anonymous4:09 pm

    I don't think I've ever scrapped the same thing twice (yet), but I have bought the same paper pad twice and even blogged the same LO twice!
    Love the citrus colour combo in your LO.

  12. I probably have scrapped the same thing twice, but I'd like to think that the second design was at least a little better. Love the design and the subject of your page!


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