Saturday, 4 July 2015

Forgeries on the Fourth

Back again with a really super simple Forgery on the Fourth today.

In the original kit, there was a sheet of paper with printed frames all over it with glossy accents on each of the frames.

For the original kit, I cut them out and used most of them while creating those layouts so I wanted to find a way to replicate them for my Counterfeit Kit Challenge July kit, Redux (see here).

I found a leftover die-cut shape featuring a frame (from the original Scrapabilly kit) and decided to try out my forgery

I took my small bottle of Glossy Accents and literally filled in the frame in a solid layer of glue. It took a few minutes and some patience to go up to each of the edges.

Then I had to put it to one side and wait for some hours for it all to dry. This photo shows it still wet and there is a little warping. This almost completely vanished by the time it was dry.

Here you can see it all dried. Obviously, I wasn't as careful as I could have been with the edges and I think my Glossy Accents was a little thick (too old maybe?) so there were a few tiny bubbles in the dried glue, but I think that the overall effect is great and when it's included on a page with other elements, these imperfections won't be obvious at all.

I think I read somewhere that you can use a pin or a needle to burst those little bubbles. I'm too lazy for that (!) but if you give that a go and it's successful, let me know!

I think you could get the same effect with clear embossing powder. You'd have to find an embossing pen (do they still make them?) and then do a few layers of clear powder but that would probably work too!

What element will you be forging for your kit?


  1. i love glossy accents! great way to create shiny and 3D effect of embellishments! yes the embossing pens are still around lol; versamarker and ranger embossing pens..

  2. Good one! Love the straightforward simple tips that yield such great results. I have tried this with images punched with a circle punch to imitate flair & it really does work well. :-)


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